Global Research Collaborations at the University of Huddersfield 

The University of Huddersfield is proud of its significant contribution to global research. The University is internationally renowned for its research in several important fields of research from engineering to health, music, and applied sciences.

Our mission to be recognised as globally significant research led institution with world leading capabilities, undertaking work of benefit to the whole world. In recent years, our academics have accelerated the growth of their global networks with some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and it now boasts hundreds of highly successful collaborative projects with colleagues from every corner of the globe. These global-scale projects support Huddersfield in being an institutionally prestigious institute, working at the forefront of research and knowledge exchange. 

Key Partners 

Our researchers are collaborating with institutions from all corners of the globe, including many of the world’s most prestigious institutions. Over the last five years for example, we have jointly published with 87% of the top 100 highest ranked universities in the world according to the QS and THE World University Rankings.


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International Collaboration Fund

First initiated in 2019, the University of Huddersfield has invested great efforts in supporting academic colleagues to build their global networks via its own, internally funded, International Collaboration Fund. The fund is designed to facilitate partnerships between our academics, research groups and centres, with organisations and key academics from across the globe, in order to work on pioneering projects which, have a meaningful impact on the world around us.

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Our Case Studies


A study on online dating platforms

An international study led by academics from the University of Huddersfield highlights a new global perspective on online dating, the risks and benefits across cultures, and recognises this is a global issue.


Simulating Smart eco-Systems

Dr Colin Venters of the University’s Centre for Sustainable Software Engineering has been working with a global network of academics on a mission to create a framework for developing sustainable cyber-physical systems for use across industry.


Sustainable materials for chemical manufacturing

Inorganic chemistry specialists, Prof Paul Elliott and Dr Paul Scattergood have attracted significant funding to support their collaboration with leading academics to develop sustainable photofunctional materials that can be used in sectors like pharmaceutical manufacturing.


International network of efficiency & performance

Professors Andrew Ball and Fengshou Gu are the driving force behind TEPEN (The Efficiency and Performance Engineering Network) a global collaboration of over 500 top academics from 50 world leading institutions.


Advanced treatment for Brain Tumours

Dr Anke Brüning-Richardson working closely with Dr Sean Lawler from Brown University, USA has been researching drugs that will target remaining brain tumour cells after surgery to prevent tumour recurrence and improve patient survival.


Establishing a global consortium

Professor Simkhada of the University of Huddersfield has successfully established a Consortium for Public Health Researcher from across the globe working together to foster global health research collaboration. 

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