The Automotive Engineering Research Group aims to promote and advance automotive engineering research at a national and international level and to disseminate that excellence in research to the global automotive engineering community.

The Group Philosophy: "You are only limited by your own imagination."

The automotive industry has a global influence, whether it is due to its contribution to the economy, infrastructure or the impact it has on the environment. The manufacturing of automotive parts is outsourced across the world and the use of modern technology, test facilities, computational packages and material applications are now at the forefront of activities. As such, the development of this technology demands innovative and exacting approaches to research beyond that of most disciplines.

An important element of our work is that all research activities are driven by current and anticipated technical needs of the automotive industry whilst addressing the global environmental concerns so prominent in the discipline.

Our primary objective is to expand current research interests and explore opportunities to extend automotive research activities through collaboration with associated research groups and industry. We are unselfish in our objectives and strive to forge joint research initiatives with collaborating institutions within Europe and internationally.

We recognise the importance of research as a major contributor to the education of modern automotive engineers. In establishing an automotive engineering research and teaching nexus within the University of Huddersfield, we aim to become recognised as a centre of excellence in automotive engineering research, and the development of automotive engineers that are fit to address the issues of the 21st century.

Our people: Leading experts

Our vibrant and rapidly growing research community is a major force in the areas of technical innovation and development. The Centre has internationally recognised expertise, synonymous with the field of areal surface metrology, machine tool error compensation and nanometrology.

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The following are examples of the most recent outputs produced by members of the group. 

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The Automotive Engineering Research Group has been established since the mid-1990s. It began as a team specialising in brake instability but the remit has broadened considerably - for example, bio-fuel research is an increasingly important component of the group's work.

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External Relationships

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Facilities and Equipment

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Group Leader: Prof Andrew Ball

Computing and Engineering
University of Huddersfield


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