Welcome to the Applied Psychoacoustics Laboratory (APL). We are a research team within the School of Computing and Engineering (SCE) specialising in the study of auditory perception and the development of new perceptually motivated audio algorithms.

The APL is led by Dr Hyunkook Lee, Senior Lecturer in Music Technology at SCE. Currently there are  3 staff, 7 postgraduate and 5 undergraduate researchers working on various research projects (see People).

The overall aims of our research are as follows:

  • To explore unknown psychoacoustic phenomena in relation to music technology and audio engineering applications.
  • To model the physical and cognitive mechanisms of the perceptual phenomena.
  • To develop new “perceptually motivated” and “intelligent” signal processing algorithms to serve next-generation audio technologies.

Our past and current research areas include psychoacoustics and recording/processing techniques for 3D and VR audio, perceptual metrics for spatial and timbral attributes, and perceptual optimisation of virtual acoustics. Please see the Projects section for detailed information.

Our academic publications and presentation materials can be found in Outputs.

Open-access software and databases we have developed for academic and research communities (e.g. HULTI-GEN, HAART, IAR, MARRS and MAIR) can be freely downloaded from the links in Resources.

The APL is equipped with state-of-the-art audio Facilities, including an ITU-R BS.1116-compliant listening room for 3D audio reproduction. 

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