Huddersfield Universal Listening Test Interface Generator

3D-MARCo (3D Microphone Array Recording Comparison

3D Microphone Array Recording Comparison

3D-MARCo is an open-access database of 3D sound recordings of musical performances and room impulse responses. 


Virtual Hemispherical Amplitude Panning

VHAP is a method developed to create an elevated phantom source on a virtual upper-hemisphere with only four ear-height loudspeakers.


Microphone Array Recording and Reproduction Simulator

An interactive, object-based workflow and graphical user interface for localisation prediction and microphone array configuration

Web Audio version of MARRS

MARRS for Web

A web-based interactive tool that facilitates microphone array design and phantom image prediction

SOFA for Max

Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics package for Max MSP

A new object database collection for Max that enables the Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics (SOFA) file format to be used within Cycling 74’s Max


SOFA and Matlab library of 360° binaural and Ambisonic room impulse responses

An open-access library of 360° binaural and first-order Ambisonics (FOA) room impulse responses (BRIR)


Microphone Array Impulse Responses Library and Renderer

MAIR is an open-access library of an extensive set of room impulse responses (RIRs)


Huddersfield Universal Listening Test Interface Generator

Max software that allows you to design a customised listening test interface  


Huddersfield Acoustics and Audio Research Tool

"All in one" toolbox for impulse response acquisition, manipulation, analysis and auralisation


Immersive Audio Renderer

VST plugin for 3D audio production that provides multichannel panning and binauralisation