Research areas

Our research is oriented around four overarching themes. Within these, research activity within the Institute focuses primarily on a number of research areas.

Image of adult and child holding hands Child protection, vulnerable children and families
Undertaken over a period of more than 20 years, our research into child protection focuses on supporting vulnerable families, conceptualisations of child abuse, critiques of approaches to child protection, and the development of policy and practice.

Image of a flying flag or banner Gender and sexuality
Colleagues within the Institute for Research in Citizenship and Applied Human Sciences are engaged in a wide range of research activities concerned with improving understanding of issues around gender and sexuality; combining expertise from disciplines such as politics, sociology and criminology.

Image of binary code and handprint Investigative psychology
Our pioneering research in the area of investigative psychology extends fundamental understandings of crime and criminality from a psychological perspective in order to enhance the effectiveness of investigative activity.

Image of adults touching hands Long-term conditions, cancer and palliative care
Research in this area is designed to improve understanding of the experiences of patients with long-term serious conditions and of those who care for them, to produce evidence which service providers can use to enhance support for patients and carers.

Image of seated circle of people Mental health and well-being
Our research in this area is concerned with enhancing the quality and effectiveness of mental health services, and with promoting physical health and well-being. Work focuses on directly improving psychotherapy outcomes and investigating ways in which mental health care systems can work better.

Image of youth with painted face National identities and citizenship
Our research in this area centres on the theoretical and empirical dynamics and interactions of nationalism, citizenship and identity, exploring ways in which cultural, political and social citizenship and nationalism are understood and how they impact on popular constructions of identity.

Image of pregnant woman Reproductive and child health
In keeping with the overall research environment within Human and Health Sciences, much of our work in this area is multidisciplinary and, in particular, concerned with issues in early parenting and reproduction from the perspective of social work, midwifery, sociology and health and social psychology.

Image of police officers Understanding and responding to crime
Our research in this area centres on studies that contribute to knowledge about when, where and how different types of crime occur, who commits them and why and what impact crime has on people's lives.