Research themes

Research undertaken within the Institute for Research in Citizenship and Applied Human Sciences is concerned with a wide range of applied social science topics relevant to the selected areas of expertise listed below. Four broad themes give overall coherence to our projects. These are:

Image of a United Kingdom Passport Contemporary citizenship
A major concern for our research involves exploring the variable meaning of being a citizen in the early twenty-first century.

Image of a stethoscope Evidence-based policy and practice for promoting health, welfare and crime reduction
Our research has a strongly applied focus, and is directly or indirectly concerned with contributing to the evidence-base for the development of practice and policy in health and social care and crime reduction.

Image of a circle of paper figures Social and political identities
An important strand running through much of our research involves exploring the implications of identity diversity for social behaviour and needs for services.

Image of page containing the word 'society' The development of applied social science theories and methodologies
Our work addresses the development of social science theories and methodologies in ways which inform policy and practice development.