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Noise In And As Music

The book Noise In And As Music, edited by Aaron Cassidy and Aaron Einbond and published by Huddersfield University Press, will also be officially launched during the symposium weekend. The book exposes a cross-section of the current motivations, activities, thoughts, and reflections of composers, performers, and artists who work with noise in all of its many forms. The book’s focus is the practice of noise and its relationship to music, and in particular the role of noise as musical material—as form, as sound, as notation or interface, as a medium for listening, as provocation, as data. Its contributors are first and foremost practitioners, which inevitably turns attention toward how and why noise is made and its potential role in listening and perceiving.

Contributors include Peter Ablinger, Sebastian Berweck, Aaron Cassidy, Marko Ciciliani, Nick Collins, Aaron Einbond, Matthias Haenisch, Alec Hall, Martin Iddon, Bryan Jacobs, Phil Julian, Michael Maierhof, Joan Arnau Pàmies, and James Whitehead (JLIAT).

The book also features a collection of short responses to a two-question “interview”—“what is noise (music) to you?” and “why do you make it?”—by some of the leading musicians working with noise today. Their work spans a wide range of artistic practice, including instrumental, vocal, and electronic music; improvisation; notated composition; theater; sound installation; DIY; and software development. Interview subjects include Eryck Abecassis, Franck Bedrossian, Antoine Chessex, Ryan Jordan, Alice Kemp (Germseed), George Lewis, Lasse Marhaug, Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje, Diemo Schwarz, Ben Thigpen, Kasper Toeplitz, and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay. 

The book will be available for purchase at the symposium and will available soon after through various online retailers.



Aaron Cassidy and Aaron Einbond

Part 1: Theories, Speculations, & Reassessments

Interview: Ben Thigpen

Chapter 1. Black Square and Bottle Rack: noise and noises
Peter Ablinger

Interview: Antoine Chessex

Chapter 2. Un-sounding Music: noise is not sound
James Whitehead (JLIAT)

Interview: Alice Kemp (Germseed)

Chapter 3. Noise and the Voice: exploring the thresholds of vocal transgression
Aaron Cassidy

Interview: Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje

Chapter 4. Subtractive Synthesis: noise and digital (un)creativity
Aaron Einbond

Interview: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

Chapter 5. Noise Music Information Retrieval
Nick Collins

Interview: Eryck Abecassis

Chapter 6. Inside Fama’s House: listening, intimacy, and the noises of the body
Martin Iddon

Part 2: Practices

Interview: George Lewis

Chapter 7. “We Need You To Play Some Music”
Phil Julian

Interview: Lasse Marhaug

Chapter 8. Beyond Pitch Organization: an interview with Michael Maierhof
Sebastian Berweck

Interview: Kasper Toeplitz

Chapter 9. Materiality and Agency in Improvisation: Andrea Neumann’s “Inside Piano”
Matthias Haenisch

Interview: Franck Bedrossian

Chapter 10. Noise-Interstate(s): toward a subtextual formalization
Joan Arnau Pàmies

Interview: Diemo Schwarz

Chapter 11. Molding the Pop Ghost: noise and immersion
Marko Ciciliani

Interview: Ryan Jordan

Chapter 12. Qubit Noise Non-ference: a conversation
Bryan Jacobs, Alec Hall, and Aaron Einbond