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Tremblay, P (2016) asinglewordisnotenough4 [Composition]

Tremblay, P (2015) asinglewordisnotenough3 [Composition]

Tremblay, P (2015) BWV1080:1(detail) [Composition]

Tremblay, P (2015) Multitudes synchrones [Composition]

Tremblay, P (2015) asinglewordisnotenough2 [Composition]

Tremblay, P (2015) asinglewordisnotenough1 [Composition]

Tremblay, P (2014) Les pâleurs de la lune [Composition]

Tremblay, P., Fincker, R., Smith, D. and Bonney, A. (2013) Splice: Silent Spoke [Audio]

Tremblay, P (2013) La marée [Audio]

Tremblay, P (2013) Still, Again [Composition]

Tremblay, P (2013) Mono no aware [Composition]

Clarke, Michael (2013) Enmeshed 3. [Composition]

Tremblay, P. and Bonney, A. (2012) [Audio]

Harker, A (2011) Fluence [Audio]

Harker, A (2011) Fractures [Composition]

Tremblay, P. and Pohu, S. (2011) de type inconnu [Audio]

Tremblay, P., Fincker, R., Smith, D. and Bonney, A. (2011) Splice - Lab [Audio]

Tremblay, P (2011) La rupture inéluctable [Composition]

Carvalhais, M., Tudela, P. and Tremblay, P. (2011) @c - Homem Fantasma [Audio]

Tremblay, P (2011) Quelques reflets [Audio]