Welcome to the Centre for Intercultural Politeness Research


The Centre provides a focal point for research and pedagogy in linguistic politeness. Linguistic politeness in an important tool by means of which human relationships are formed, maintained and renegotiated. Its study becomes pivotal in the analysis of intercultural and cross-cultural interactions, due to culture-specific differences in the perception of what counts as ‘polite’ and ‘impolite.’ Our interpretation of ‘culture’ is not limited to national culture in a narrow sense, but it includes the (sub-)culture of networks that constitute a given society. Due to this interpretation, we are interested in the complexities of linguistic politeness (and related phenomena), and we pursue this interest by adopting a discursive approach to authentic naturally-occurring data.

Our areas of specific expertise include the following:

  • Politeness theories
  • Face theories
  • Intercultural and cross-cultural politeness research
  • Relational rituals
  • Historical im/politeness
  • Politeness and laughter
  • Politeness and language education

The present Centre operates with the support of the Linguistic Politeness Research Group and we host different research events organised under the aegis of the LPRG.

Inquiries with regard to the Centre should be sent to Daniel Z. Kadar, Professor of English Language and Linguistics

Mailing address: University of Huddersfield, Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 3DH United Kingdom

Phone: +44-[0]1484-47291

Fax: +44-[0]1484-472655

E-Mail: d.z.kadar@hud.ac.uk

On these pages you will find information about our work and publications, forthcoming conferences organised by the Centre and opportunities for postgraduate study.