Supported by the Royal Musical Association, Music and Letters Trust, and the Plainsong and Medieval Music Society, this international conference organised by Lisa Colton, Tim Shephard, and the Centre for the Study of Music, Gender and Identity explored the role of manuscript and print sources in creating and communicating aspects of identity for their creators, owners, and users. The conference turned the spotlight onto the people involved in music manuscripts and prints, asking what the sources with which they are connected can tell us about the various motives lying behind their investment in music. Invited speakers included Jane Alden (Wesleyan), Julie Cumming (McGill), Honey Meconi (Rochester), and Marica Tacconi (Penn State). A book of essays based around the conference and edited by Tim and Lisa was published by Brepols in 2017: Sources of Identity: Makers, Owners and Users of Music Sources Before 1600.