The Alba method of emotion training - 4th March


Mon, 02 Mar 2015 11:18:00 GMT

On his web site, Advanced Instructor Rocco Dal Vera describes the Alba Method for Emotion Training as: “an alternative to emotion memory and other psychological techniques for releasing, maintaining, and controlling emotional states on stage”. In this paper, Dr. Hetzler will discuss how Alba works and how it can be used in actor training. Its creator, Dr. Susanna Bloch, a Chilean neuroscientist, defined 6 effector patterns for the creation of pure emotion states. By performing the proper breathing pattern, facial expression and postural attitude, actors can learn to induce real emotions.

Of course, simply being able to create an emotion is not enough. Alba practitioners are working to develop exercises that actors can use in training and rehearsals to enhance their emotional experience in performance. As part of this paper, Dr. Hetzler will describe some of these exercises and how they work using his own personal experience. He will look critically at Alba and discuss whether it has a useful place in the actor’s repertoire.

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