Centre for Precision Technologies (CPT)

Clean room


CPT has successfully secured UK and EU research funding to deliver highly innovative and industry-focussed research. Click on the projects below to find out more information about some of the most recent grant-funded projects.


European Research Council

SURFUND: Fundaments and Principles for Measurement and Characterization of 21st Century Science and Engineering Surfaces, Advanced Investigator Grant

EU Framework Programme (FP7)

  • Nanomend: Enhanced in-line detection, cleaning and repair of nano-scale defects
  • HARCO: Hierarchical and Adaptive Smart Components for precision production systems application
  • EASE-R3: Integrated framework for a cost-effective and ease of Repair, Renovation and Re-use of machine tools within a modern factory



CPT has a many commercial projects with high profile companies including De Puy, Renishaw, Rolls-Royce, Stryker and Taylor Hobson.

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