Capacity building initiatives in a research context are significantly underpinned by theories relating to organisational change, knowledge transfer, social action, systems theory, behavioural science, public administration and community psychology.

Enhancing required capacities for disaster risk reduction is a long and slow process that requires a significant commitment from the various stakeholders involved and some resources. At GDRC, we are committed to enhancing the capacities of our stakeholders through our research and practice:

  • Development of disaster resilience coastal communities
  • Multi-disciplinary capacity development workshop for resilient coastal communities
  • Addressing Research and Innovation Capacity Strengthening for the Development of Societal Resilience to Disasters
  • Training workshop on Coastal Hazard Assessment: Applications in Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation
  • The role of Higher Education in Disaster Risk Knowledge
  • ANDROID Doctoral School in Disaster Resilience
  • Capacity Building Workshop for the Southern Provincial Council
  • Resilience cities capacity development initiative
  • Science, Systems and Application towards sustainable Disaster Management – in partnership with Asian Disaster Preparedness centre, Thailand
  • Training Workshop on Coastal Hazard Assessment: Applications in Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation  - UNESCO/IOC/ ICG/ IOTW
  • International conferences as a capacity building tool
  • Capacity development project to meet the requirements of affected communities
  • The Horizon 2020: Teaming up with the EU for Research Excellence
  • Make risk knowledge, assessments and risk reduction part of the university curricular
  • Staff exchanges