The Global Disaster Resilience Centre (GDRC) is leading major international academic conferences in the areas of resilience and the built environment. Its Professors Dilanthi Amaratunga and Richard Haigh established the “International Building Resilience Conference” series in 2006 and since then, have been chairing the conferences held under this banner.

It has led and contributed to the organisation of several conferences. These events demonstrate its role as a leader in the disaster mitigation and reconstruction field, an excellent organiser, and as a conduit for international collaboration and engagement.

These conferences brought together major international networks to address global challenges and advance research agendas. They extend the University’s reputation and its ability to influence policy makers, industrialist and academics alike. In September 2014, we were the co-organisers of the 4th International Conference on Building Resilience 
incorporating the 3rd Annual Meeting of the ANDROID Network, 8 – 11 September 2014, MediaCityUK, Salford, United Kingdom. This major international conference was chaired by GDRC Professors Richard Haigh & Dilanthi Amaratunga.

The 2016 International conference will be held in Auckland, New Zealand in September 2016.  It will be organised by Massey University, and  Auckland University, New Zealand University of Huddersfield, UK and UNISDR.

The 2015 conference was successfully held in New Castle, Australia, organised by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Built Environment Research (CIBER), School of Architecture and Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment at the University of Newcastle; the Global Centre for Disaster Resilience, Huddersfield University, UK.

Professor Dilanthi Amaratunga and Professor Richard Haigh have been the conference chairpersons of the following conferences of this series:

  • 4th International Conference on Building Resilience incorporating the 3rd Annual Meeting of the ANDROID Network, 8 - 11 September 2014
  • 2013 International Conference on Building Resilience: Individual, institutional and societal coping strategies to address the challenges associated with disaster risk
  • 2011 International Conference on Building Resilience: Interdisciplinary approaches to disaster risk reduction, and the development of sustainable communities and cities, Heritance Kandalama, Sri Lanka, 19– 21 July 2011
  • 2008 International Conference on Building Resilience

In July 2015, GDRC is partnering with University of Newcastle, Australia in organising the 5th International Conference on Building Resilience, exploring the concept of resilience as a useful framework of analysis for how society can cope with the threat of natural and human induced hazards. Newcastle, Australia, 15 - 17 July 2015.

They are also key players of other international conferences and symposiums.

Dilanthi, Richard and Dr Kaushal Kermainiyage have also provided high-level input as conference proceedings editors to the following conferences: