Research degree opportunities

At GDRC we play a leading role in setting the disaster resilience research agenda, nationally and internationally, through real world focused research in order to create a sustainable, high quality, industry and society, which adds value to current and future stakeholders.

Activities for students


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Why Huddersfield?

As one of the key research groups in the world for disaster resilience, Huddersfield engages in world-class research across an exceptionally diverse range of sub disciplines. Our postgraduate researchers are making a significant contribution to global issues by delivering research that has a far-reaching impact. We have continued to grow the value of our research awards won in a highly competitive environment.

GDRC members have been conducting disaster management and resilience research over 20 years, and that includes the supervision of early career researchers reading towards Masters and PhD qualifications. At GDRC, you will get the opportunity to interact with world leading researchers in the field.

If you are looking for a Doctoral programme, the choice is likely to be quite narrow because the academic staff/research supervisors with expertise in your specialist area who can supervise your research may be difficult to find and will be based only a small number of universities.

 Whether there are large numbers of research centres  with this expertise in your field or only one or two, you will want to identify which is the ‘best’:

  • The centre has internationally leading, well-known researchers
  • The centre has a high reputation for the quality of supervision
  • The centre members are  very experienced in PhD examinations
  • The centre has excellent research  resources (e.g. computers, workshops)
  • The centre attracts large numbers of students.

  • The centre has many specialist options within it. 

  • There are several research students each year working in your particular field.

  • It has a very good research training programme
  • It has a number of students with prestigious scholarships, indicating it is highly regarded for research training.

This is what we offer at GDRC at Huddersfield.