At HudCRES, we want all of our research to achieve ‘impact’ – for our findings to inform and result in improvements in social and educational policy and practice at local, national and international levels. 

Each of our Policy Briefing documents offers a very short summary of the focus, methods and key findings of our research in a specific area, with links to full research reports and articles and details of the researchers involved. In particular, they highlight evidence-based recommendations relevant to policy and practice.


T levels: the future of technical education?

November 2021

A summary of the background to the recent introduction of T levels and early findings of research by Prof Kevin Orr and Dr Rachel Terry into teachers’ perceptions of these new technical qualifications. 


Experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic

July 2021

Key findings and recommendations from research into the experiences of children, young people and families by Prof Rob MacDonald, Prof Helen Lomax, Dr Jim Reid and Dr Lisa Russell. 


Preventing Extremism through Education

April 2021

Key findings and recommendations from research by Prof Paul Thomas and Dr Shamim Miah.