Lean Design and BIM - Building Information Modelling

Lead: Professor Patricia Tzortzopoulos

IDL’s Lean Design and BIM theme focuses on developing solutions to support the generation of better value to clients and users of the built environment through improved processes with the use of supporting Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies. Its core is in extending design thinking into strategies and methods to support innovation and improve the efficiency of the design and construction industry.

BIM and Lean have emerged as two distinct initiatives to improve design and construction. However, advanced practices as well as research developments demonstrate that these approaches have significant synergies and it is highly advantageous to implement them jointly. Integration, collaboration and appropriate communication are at the core of these approaches.

Some specific areas of work for the theme include:

-       BIM implementation in design, construction and operations

-       Use of BIM to support the retrofit of existing housing for energy efficiency

-       Integrated design and cross-disciplinary collaboration; Integrated Project Delivery

-       Design of healthcare environments

-       Design process management and multidisciplinary design information flows

-       Participatory design approaches; co-design

-       Front end design issues, requirement capture and management

-       Effects of built environment design into health outcomes

-       Visual Management

We challenge disciplinary boundaries and provide a dynamic and creative environment for design and project management thinking and practice.