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In 1985 I was contacted by a senior police officer at Scotland Yard with a request to attend a meeting discussing a series of crimes committed in London. Having had little prior contact with criminal psychology, I agreed to assist the investigation and from that point onwards found myself drawn ever more intensively into the world of police investigations. Realising that I was moving into an area as yet unknown in the field, I coined the term ‘Investigative Psychology’ and from that, a new discipline and terminology emerged. This is now recognized in police forces and academic institutions around the world, with specialist Investigative Psychology units in countries as diverse as Japan, the USA, India, South Africa and Israel. Today the International Research Centre for Investigative Psychology (IRCIP) is world leading in pioneering research in this area, called upon to consult in legal cases, as well as providing training and software tools to police and crime analysts.

I hope that you enjoy exploring our research activity and outputs. Please contact us if you require any further information.

Professor David Canter [pictured top and right]
Director of the International Research Centre for Investigative Psychology

We are committed to the advancement of scientific knowledge through world-leading research and academic excellence, to redefining the contributions that can be made to all aspects of the criminal justice process


If you require any further information relating to the research, training, consultancy and PhD program, please contact:

Dr Donna Youngs
Tel: +44 (0)7887506372

About the Centre

Investigative Psychology is a problem-solving approach to scientific psychology, with special relevance to criminal and civil investigations.

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Our research has wide ranging impact, enhancing understanding of crime, criminals, victims of crime and investigative/legal processes. 

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The Centre seeks to support the development of research, study and practice through external and international collaboration.

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