Molecular Medicine Research Group

Research fields in the Molecular Medicine Research Group include Dr Nik Georgopoulos’s work on the molecular basis of epithelial cell cancer development, Dr Richard Bingham’s work on the structural basis of pathogenicity of bacteria, Dr Georgios Psakis’s structural and functional characterisation of ion channels, Dr Andrew Collett’s investigation of intestinal inflammation, Dr Peter Maskell’s studies of the post-mortem redistribution of drugs, Dr Tarja Kinnunen’s research into growth factor signalling and Dr Dougie Clarke’s work on the molecular biology of drug metabolising enzymes.

A comprehensive range of equipment supports the research of this group including flow cytometry, Li-Cor infra-red imaging, fluorometry, luminometry, NMR and real-time PCR. The School established a comprehensive new X-ray diffraction facility in 2013, in collaboration with Bruker (used as a showcase by the company), including a single-crystal instrument and SAXS for protein structure studies.

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Protein Structure-Function Workshop - 25- 26th September 2014