The Centre for Planning, Autonomy and Representation of Knowledge covers research in Artificial Intelligence, including Automated Planning, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning and machine learning. We are interested in solving foundational problems such as learning and reasoning with large amounts of data, automated learning and engineering of action knowledge for input to plan generation engines. And we are applying our AI expertise to the areas of autonomy, transport, machine calibration, health informatics and ambient intelligence. 

Our Centre brings together experienced researcher leaders and many young, dynamic researchers. We are extremely proud that one of the younger scientists, Dr Mauro Vallati, received the highly competitive and prestigious UKRI Future Leadership award. 

We have strategic partnerships with external bodies like the National Health Service, Kirklees Council and British Telecom. Our research is supported by agencies such UKRI, European Commission NIHR and Research England, as well as through direct research contracts with organisations and local industry. 

The Centre for Planning, Autonomy and Representation of Knowledge includes some sub-units:

High-Performance Computing Research Group (HPCRG)

Information and Systems Engineering Group (ISE) 

Technology Acceptance and Mobile Learning (TAML)



Our members: Leading experts

Our research staff are creative and innovative practitioners who have wide industrial and research experience. They use their established industry links to continually refresh and update their research activities, ensuring that their work is at the leading edge of technology.



Our research tackles real-world problems, and some of our results are being developed into commercial solutions.



Our members are actively involved in the international research community and have high esteem as researchers. Examples of their activities are found on these pages.



The following are examples of the most recent outputs produced by members of the Centre for Planning, Autonomy and Representation of Knowledge. 


Externally funded projects

View our externally funded projects.


Our Software

Learn more about the software developed by The Centre for Planning, Autonomy, and Representation of Knowledge.

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