Welcome to Technology Acceptance and Mobile Learning (TAML). We are a research group, within the School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Huddersfield, led by Prof. Joan Lu.

People within the research group focus on investigating areas where technology can play an active role in enabling learning to be more effective. Areas investigated include;

  • The factors influencing the acceptance of technology and learning.
  • The role of technology in enabling and supporting new approaches to learning (including wireless response systems that provide rapid learner feedback in multiple languages).
  • The role of technology in reducing or removing barriers to learning.
  • Approaches supporting the development of ubiquitous learning environments (especially through mobile learning).
  • Ways of developing and measuring learning effectiveness (with a particular focus on personalised learning, badging microcredentialing, 21st Century Skills, addressing digital skills gaps, and learning analytics).

Our past and current research areas include two significant innovations: Wireless response System (WRS), a communication device to give rapid feedback to learners, and iDEA, a personalised learning platform underpinned by technology acceptance principles. Our recent publications can be found in Outputs.

We welcome research collaboration for exciting projects and also provide consulting services for the industry. For enquiries on collaboration or consultancy, please contact either Prof. Joan Lu or Prof. Rupert Ward.


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Wireless Response Systems (WRS)

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