This new Research Centre covers the following broad research areas:

  • Economics (and Finance)
  • Operations management
  • Logistics, supply chain & transport
  • Strategic Management
  • Big Data

The group focuses on aspects of 'Productivity Improvement' across a broad spectrum of research areas:

Quantitative analysis brings together researchers from across the Business School who use quantitative methods in their research. Research encompasses but is not restricted to Economics, Finance, and International Business. Their research focuses on analyzing primary and secondary datasets using empirical methodologies supported by the theory, to identify and explain current economic and financial issues.

In strategic operations management, our interest lies in the design of lean and agile operations and organisations as well as in consolidating the knowledge driven by the application of operations management concepts and theories within different sectors.

In logistics, supply chain & transport we look at aspects of logistics and inventory management applications; transport research considers the economic, environmental and policy implications of key developments and issues in the rail, road, air and shipping sectors; supply chain management examines network dynamics, alignment, responsiveness and agility mechanisms.

Our work in performance measurement systems includes the investigations of metrics as drivers for enhancing enterprise performances through the diffusion of established performance metrics within supply chains, and the development of predictive performance measurement frameworks, models, methods and tools.

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Strategic objectives

  1. To publish high quality research in the broad areas of Performance Improvement.  Our measure of success will be indicated by the number of journals papers published in outlets rated on the ABS List.

  2. To generate income through research grants, knowledge transfer partnerships and enterprise initiatives.  Our measures of success will be both the absolute monies raised but also the percentage of income from Research Council funding.

  3. To build on the growing synergies and opportunities created by the co-location and research interests of Business School colleagues across Performance Improvement and University research groups and centres.

  4. To be seen as a leading centre for research in Performance Improvement.  This will be primarily driven by our success in points one and two, but also in further esteem factors such as invited seminars, external research posts and editorships of journals.  

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If you would like to know more about our areas of expertise or wish to discuss research opportunities with the Productivity Improvement Research Centre then please contact our Director, Professor David Bamford.

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