ReCePP Research Postgraduate Seminar Series Autumn 2020 (online)

23 September 2020: Welcome meeting and induction

7 October 2020: Research skills and library induction for Music and Drama researchers

4 November 2020: Dr Ben Spatz - Introduction to Practice Research methods in Theatre

18 November 2020: MA research presentations

2 December 2020: Dr Emily Worthington - Introduction to Practice Research Methods in Music

16 December 2020: PhD research presentations


ReCePP Research Seminar Series Spring 2021 (online)

Free and open to the public: please visit for information and registration.

20 January 2021: Dr Mira Benjamin (Goldsmiths Univeristy of London): ReCePP Alumni Seminar - 'Pitch in hand: microtonality as embodied practice'

17 February 2021: Dr Elizabeth de Roza (independent practitioner-researcher, Singapore) - 'Soft Fireworks: A Decolonised, Embodied, Cross-Cultural Performance Technique'

3 March 2021: Dr Martin Lawrence (independent practitioner-researcher, UK) - 'Music Performance Anxiety as Hidden Desire and Emerging Self'

17 March 2021: Dr Samuel Ravengai (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg) - 'Practice as Research and the Relationship of the Theoretical Explication to the Practice'

31 March 2021: Dr Nik Taylor (University of Huddersfield) - 'Hiding the Elephant in the Room: Performance Magic and Practice Research'

14 April 2021: Dr Manola K. Gayatri (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg) - 'Bodies at Sea: Desire and Freedom in Artistic Research'



ReCePP/CMCI Music Research Colloquium Autumn 2020 (online)

8 October 2020: Welcome event and plenary discussion: Research in the Time of Covid

15 October 2020: PhD Student Work-in-Progess presentations

Ellen Stokes: Antonio Salieri’s instrumental music

Jonathan Best: Improvised silent film piano accompaniment

22 OCtober 2020: Prof Lauri Stras (University of Huddersfield): What Does It Mean When A Woman Sings?

29 October 2020: Dr Emily Worthington (University of Huddersfield): Historically-Informed Performance, Embodied Knowledge, and the Practice of Harmoniemusik

5 November 2020: Dr George Kennaway (ReCePP Visiting Research Fellow): “My Harp’s in the Highlands (but my cello’s in London): John Gunn’s Scotch Airs and his History of the Harp in the Highlands as pragmatic Scottishness”

12 November 2020: Dr Yuiko Asaba (University of Huddersfield): Choreographing Migration: Japanese Tango Musicians in China, 1930-1945

19 November 2020: Dr Imani Mosley (University of Florida): This Queer Business of Ours: Singing the Sexed Supernatural in The Turn of the Screw and A Midsummer Night’s Dream

 3 December 2020: Dr Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (University of Huddersfield): Fixing Improvisation: The Studio as an Improvement Tool

10 December 2020: Dr Hannah Robbins (University of Nottingham) Reclaiming Lena Horne: Approaching Blackness and Stardom in the Hollywood musical



Past Events

ReCePP Autumn 2019 Seminar Series: 'Lines of Flight'

Wednesday 23 October 2019: "Transforming/Translating/Transmitting: Stimulus to Response in Interdisciplinary Improvisation"

Henry McPherson (University of Huddersfield)

Henry McPherson is a composer, performer, artist, and improviser. His practice involves the production of scores, prompts, stimulus material, and standalone pieces in various forms of media, for interpretation through sound, movement, and other performance. He maintains a focus on score (in its various definitions) as interface, document-object, and archive, capable of generating unlimited avenues of interpretive and communicative possibility. He is a recent artist in residence at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Despina Rio de Janeiro, and the Fruitmarket Edinburgh. 

30th October 2019: Launch of the new expanded edition of Anthropocosmic Theatre by Nicolás Núñez edited by Deborah Middleton and Franc Chamberlain.

The book is available to download in 3 different formats, plus you can read it in your browser, or order a hard copy, all from here:

6th November 2019:  'Conviviality and Identity in Sameena Hussain's Baabul' Dave Calvert, (University of Huddersfield). Includes live performance of Baabul

13th November 2019: Hilary Elliott (University of Huddersfield)

27th November 2019: 'Embodied and Embedded: Exploring recent research into the somatic and relational aspects of mindfulness, and considering how these perspectives can inform performance training' Deborah Middleton (University of Huddersfield)

11th December 2019: Vest and Page