NPRG is a group dedicated to the study and practice of performance in the long nineteenth century (c.1789 – c.1914). Much of this research and performance activity focuses at present upon music, with a particular emphasis on solo and chamber music performance for piano, strings, and woodwind, but the group exists in order to provide a flexible framework for music and drama researchers and practitioners to interface and interact.

The group places innovative and thought-provoking perspectives and practice at its heart, evaluating the inter-dependence of theory and practice, seeking fresh, revisionist perspectives upon acts of performance, and sharing the fruits of research to the scholarly community and the general public.

This new centre made a vigorous start to its existence in 2018, with researchers and performers adding to the 20th Biennial International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music (hosted by the Music Department at Huddersfield), staff coaching and performing in groups in the 5-day set of performance workshops entitled 19th-Century Salon (28 August–1 September 2018), and with substantial contributions (performances and papers) at the TCHIP conference at Oxford, 10–12 September, 2018.