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Shaun is Lecturer in Politics in the Division of Criminology, Politics and Sociology, a role he commenced in September 2016. He joined the University of Huddersfield in 2012 as a Research Fellow, having previously worked at Queen’s University Belfast as a researcher on the Hillsborough Independent Panel report.

He has an MA in the History of International Relations from University College Dublin, and was awarded a PhD in contemporary political history from Queen’s University Belfast in 2010.

Shaun was winner of the Outstanding Early Career Researcher of the Year Award at the University of Huddersfield’s Research and Innovation Awards, 2015-16.

Research and Scholarship

Shaun’s research interests lie in the fields of political violence, pathways into and out of terrorism, and conflict resolution in Northern Ireland and elsewhere. Recent research includes examining the impact of couter-radicalisation initiatives on higher education in the UK. He is also interested in contemporary British and Irish politics more generally.  

Shaun is the author of “Template for Peace: Northern Ireland, 1972-75”, which examined the rise and fall of the first power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland, published by Manchester University Press in 2013 (paperback edition, March 2016). The book was nominated for the James S. Donnelly, Sr. Prize for Books on History and Social Sciences (American Conference for Irish Studies).

He has published outputs in leading international peer-reviewed journals such as Terrorism and Political Violence, British Politics, Political Studies, and Irish Historical Studies, numerous book chapters in edited collections, and has contributed online opinion pieces to The Irish Times, The Conversation and Open Democracy. His research has been featured in newspaper stories in The Irish News and The Irish Post.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Membership of professional organisations

  • Elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (2014-)
  • Political Studies Association
  • Secretary, PSA Specialist Group on Britishness
  • Society for Terrorism Research  


  • 2015, Research and Innovation Fund, University of Huddersfield (£2,100)
  • 2009, Student Led Iniative, Institute for Irish Studies and School of Politics International Studies and Philosophy, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland between the strikes conference (£1,400)
  • 2003, Research and Publication Grant, UCD History Review (2003), University College Dublin (€1,200)


  • Ad hoc peer-reviewing for leading international journals and publishing houses such as Political Studies, Irish Historical Studies, Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, Irish Political Studies, Polish Quarterly of International Affairs, Contemporary British History, Parliamentary Affairs, and Routledge academic monographs. 
  • Expert Reviewer of funding proposals (Social Sciences Panel), for the National Science Centre (NCN), Poland.

Awards and nominations

  • Winner, Outstanding Early Career Researcher of the Year, 2015, University of Huddersfield Research and Innovation Awards
  • Nominated for James S. Donnelly Sr. Prize for Books in History and Social Sciences, American Conference for Irish Studies, 2014. 
  • Member of the research team for ‘Hillsborough: The Report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel’, (HMSO: 2012), which won the Queen’s University Belfast Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Impact. 

Invited presentations

  • Invited speaker: ‘The IRA’s war in England’, 20 Years On: Manchester and the IRA bomb (AHRC Being Human Festival), Irish World Heritage Centre, Manchester, 17 November 2016.  
  • Invited speaker: ‘The Rising and the Somme: short history, long memory’, Bradford World War One Group, 27 April 2016 (with J. McAuley). 
  • Invited speaker ‘August 1969: Presence, Myth and Memory’, ESRC Research Seminar, University of Liverpool, 12 November 2015. 
  • Invited speaker at the University of Salford European Security, Terrorism and Intelligence Seminar series in 2011. Paper title: ’The impact of violence on the politics of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, 1969-74’ (with J. Greer)
  • Invited speaker on contemporary Northern Ireland politics at the Beirut - Belfast – Nicosia, A Three Way Dialogue Event on Democracy and Conflict, Co-organized by the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland and CADMOS, Lebanon, June 2008. (Workshop funded by the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation). 

Research Degree Supervision

Shaun welcomes research supervision opportunities in the following and related areas: the Northern Ireland conflict; terrorism and political violence; radicalisation and counter-radicalisation (with a focus on universities); and conflict resolution.

He has co-supervised 3 successful Masters of Science by Research degrees to date. Current postgraduate supervision includes 3 PhDs and 3 Masters by Research students.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Behavioural and Social Sciences representative, School of Human and Health Sciences Research Ethics Panel (SREP).
  • Department of Behavioural and Social Sciences representative, School Research and Enterprise (SREC) Committee.  
  • Module leadership for several Politics Modules.
  • Organiser of the Centre for Research in the Social Sciences (CRISS) Research Seminar Series.


Teaching and Professional Activities

Shaun contributes to lectures, seminars, or module leadership on a number of modules in the School of Behavioural and Social Sciences including:

  • HFX2001 - Introduction to Politics
  • HIX2000 - British Party Politics
  • HHX1017 - Terrorism and Conflict Resolution
  • HFB2001 - Academic Study Skills for Social Scientists
  • HHB2002 - Final Year Project for the Social Sciences