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After graduating with a first class degree in Mechanical Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University, Adam undertook a PhD research programme investigating the fatigue and durability performance of truck components using a combination of in-field testing and computer simulation. This PhD was part of the EPSRC ‘Total Technology’ framework and was conducted in collaboration with Leyland Trucks.

Following the completion of his PhD in 2004, Adam joined the Rail Technology Unit at Manchester Metropolitan University. During his time at the Rail Technology Unit, Adam built up a wide range of expertise and knowledge in the field of wheel-rail interface engineering, vehicle dynamics simulation and vehicle-track interaction. Adam is a Chartered Mechanical Engineering and a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

In his current role Adam has led a number of industry sponsored research and enterprise projects for various clients, such as the Rail Safety and Standards Board and Network Rail. These have included the development of new wheel profile designs for the GB rail network and detailed modelling techniques for the evaluation of wear and rolling contact fatigue damage.

Adam joined the University of Huddersfield in July 2012 where he is currently Head of Enterprise for the Institute of Railway Research. In this role Adam hopes to develop further relationships with clients and identify gaps in industrial enterprise for future development of the group.

Research and Scholarship

Recent research includes the investigation of the causes, prediction and mitigation of wear and rolling contact fatigue on both wheels and rails. Adam is currently supervising a PhD research programme investigating railway wheel damage mechanisms and modelling techniques.

In collaboration with a number of industrial partners Adam has also been involved in the development of strategic models for the management of vehicle and infrastructure assets. This research has resulted in the development of modelling techniques to predict asset degradation and determine whole life costs.
Additional research areas include:

  • Railway asset management
  • Improving rail vehicle dynamic performance
  • Wheel-rail interface condition monitoring and inspection

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research Degree Supervision

Enterprise Activities

Adam is currently involved in commercial research projects for a range of major UK and international rail industry clients. This work utilises the rail vehicle and wheel-rail interface engineering expertise of the Institute of Railway Research. Projects include wheel-rail interface management, development and review of standards, vehicle suspension design and optimisation, vehicle safety approval, modelling of wheel and rail wear and defects, cost modelling, vehicle testing and instrumentation, vehicle-infrastructure interfaces (gauging) and accident investigation.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • To provide advice, training and knowledge to new and current members of the Institute of Railway Research.
  • The management and delivery of research and enterprise projects for sponsors and industrial organisations.
  • To communicate the results leading from these projects through reporting, presentations and informal discussions to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  • To support the Schools teaching and research activities by obtaining funding and assisting in the supervision of project students.