Portrait of Dr Julia Meaton Dr Julia Meaton

j.meaton@hud.ac.uk | 01484 472949


Position: Director of Graduate Education and Senior Lecturer in Sustainability, Department of Logistics, Operations, Hospitality and Marketing
Qualifications: BA, PhD, FHEA
Research Group: Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Communities (CSRC)


Julia is a Senior Lecturer in the Business School, and course leader for the MSc in Risk, Disaster and Environmental Management . She joined the Business School in 2000, but had already been employed at the University in the School of Applied Sciences as Senior Lecturer in Geography since 1994. Prior to that Julia worked as Research Fellow at Wye College (formerly a college of London University, now part of Imperial College). She studied her PhD at The University of Plymouth, completing her thesis in 1990.

Research and Scholarship

Julia is a founding member of the Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Communities and her specific areas of expertise are community sustainability, disaster and emergency management, social enterprise, land use and transport planning.

Her research focuses on the development of sustainable and resilient communities, particularly in emerging or developing economies and she has several live research projects in Ethiopia, Zambia and Jordan. Julia is involved in two forest governance projects in Ethiopia, one explores the potential of non-timber forest products to support vulnerable forest communities and the other, linked project, concerns the sustainable management of coffee forests in Ethiopia. In Zambia, Julia is exploring the charcoal value chain to identify more sustainable methods of charcoal production and use. Linked to this is a project on the development and potential of biodiesel (from recycled oil) in Zambia.

She also explores community resilience to disasters in the UK, and has researcher various aspects, including the use of social media.

She is currently developing a Jordanian project on the vulnerability of long term Palestinian refugee camps which is the result of a link between two Universities in Jordan where two of her successful PhD students are employed. This research is linked to Julia’s growing interest in disaster and emergency management.

Julia has also been involved in research in social enterprise and has supervised several PhD students in this area. This is an evolving area in emerging and developing nations that she is interested in developing.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Invited keynote speaker at Digital Catapult Conference , June 2016

2015 – Winner of University Honeypot Challenge with WAAA! (Wearable, Anywhere Anytime, Apgar!). WAAA! Is a wearable monitor for newborns and was a finalist in the UNICEF Wearables for Good Competition, 2015.

Fellow of The Higher Education Academy since 2002.

Member of Editorial Board, Sustainable Development since 2002.

Regularly review submissions for Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, Urban Studies, Habitat International, Cities and Transport Geography.

Reviewed book proposals and grant submissions for the ESRC

Five External PhD examinations (Portsmouth, Bradford, Sheffield)

Deputy Vice Chancellor (honorary) Copperstone University, Zambia.

External Panel Member for validation of MSc Disaster and Emergency Management at Middle East College, Oman (with Coventry University), 2016

External Panel member for validation of Foundation Degree in Human Safety and Disaster Management at Derby University, 2015

External Examiner for the above, 2015.

External Reviewer for MSc Sustainable Development by Advocacy, Worcestershire University, 2010.

External Examiner, (Business, ug and pg), Leeds Metropolitan University, 2005-2010.

1993 - ESRC Grant £80,000 Public Attitudes Towards Greener Transport Towns.

Research Degree Supervision

PhD Completions

Gareth Bruff , Sustainable Development in Metropolitan Planning Areas.
Sally Apperley,Attitudes to Household Hazardous Waste.
Joshua Wanjare, Strategic Advantage of Successful UK Cooperatives
Jamal Alnsour, Environmental Issues of Urban Planning In Amman, Jordan
Alex Robinson, ICT and Poverty Alleviation In Indonesia
Pam Seanor, Sensemaking of Social Enterprises in The UK
Walter Mswaka, Structures for Social Enterprises in the UK
Samia Mogbool, Corporate Environmental Management in Saudi Arabia
Ihab Salwalha ,Business Continuity in Jordan.
Andrew Mzembe, CSR in Tea and Mining Industries in Malawi
Yusef Massoud, Environmental Management in the Cement Industry in Libya

Audrey Robinson-Maynard, Social Marketing
Sri Oktavia , CSR in Indonesia
Mossa Ahmad Omar Amhemed, Sustainable Rural Tourism in Libya

Ernita Maulida, inclusive education models

Currently supervising the following PhD students:

Nasir Elkilaney , Sustainable Tourism Strategies for Libya

Akeel Ellafi Ali,  Community Climate Change Vulnerability in Libya
Nagma Hbiesh, Economic Models of Tourism in Libya
Alhesein Alhendawi, Forest Management in the Green Mountain Area of Libya
Rebwar Maroof , CSR in Kurdistan
Ugonwa Aroh, Education for Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Rosemary Chilufa, The Nexus Between Human Security and Entrepreneurship in Zambia
Janet Lowere , Honey Development in Zambia and Ethiopia

Fiona Hesselden Coffee Sustainability in Ethiopia

Enterprise Activities

2015 – Winner of University Honeypot Challenge with WAAA! (Wearable, Anywhere Anytime, Apgar!). WAAA! Is a wearable monitor for newborns and was a finalist in the UNICEF Wearables for Good Competition, 2015.

2005-2008 - Member of Steering Committee for the National Trust development of Gibson Mill, Hebden Bridge.

2006-2008 - Member of Yorkshire Forward and Carplus Steering Committee for ‘Cars Cutting Carbon’ project .

2005 - Consultant to ‘Easy Car’.

November 2005 - contract for regeneration agency Huddersfield Pride to host a conference on Social Enterprise and to establish a website for local social enterprises.

April 2003 - project identifying unmet transport needs in Newsome, Huddersfield (funded by Kirklees Metropolitan Council).

Administrative Responsibilities

Deputy Director Graduate Education (The Business School)

Course Leader MSc Risk, Disaster and Environmental Management

Teaching and Professional Activities

Module Leadership:
BHS0002 Environmental Management
BMS0036 Disaster and Emergency Management
BMS0047 Sustainable Business
BMS0034 Principles of Environmental Management
BMS0038 The Anatomy of Disasters
BMS0045 Business Continuity Management