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Subject Group Leader - Organisation Studies
Course Director - Doctor of Business/Public Administration
TEF Co-ordinator
Department of Management




Annie is currently a Senior Lecturer within the Leadership and Management department at the University of Huddersfield.

Annie has worked as a manager in both the public and private sectors, initially within a retail environment, which included a two year period of self-employment. For the last twenty five years she has worked as Senior Lecturer and Curriculum Manager in both Further and Higher Education.

She is a qualified and experienced lecturer having taught both nationally and internationally on a variety of courses. These have ranged from 'A' levels, Undergraduate degrees; Professional Bodies, Management and Leadership related Masters Degrees, including the MBA and Professional Doctorates including both PhD supervision and examination. She has also worked with corporate clients; primarily within the National Health Service; Fire Service and Local Authorities, both managing and delivering change and leadership development courses.


  • PhD Organisational Behaviour and Action Learning
  • MA Managing Organisational Change
  • BA (Hons) Management Studies
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education - post 16 years Business Education
  • BEC National Certificate in Business Studies
  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Annie’s teaching expertise lies in the area of Organisational Behaviour , Personal Development and Reflective Practice. Where appropriate she uses ‘action learning’ as a teaching approach, believing this to be a very effective way for managers to learn.

Annie is currently the Course Director for the Schools portfolio of Professional Doctorates which include the Doctor of Business Administration and Doctor of Public Administration. She is also one of the schools international recruitment academics, focusing on India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

She has held a variety of other course leadership roles within the Department of Leadership and Management. These have included:

  • MSc Healthcare Management (The Business School )
  • MSc Professional Leadership by Action Learning and Inquiry (National Health Service)
  • MA Management By Action Learning and Research (The Business School )
  • MSc Management By Action Learning and Research (Consort Management Consultants, Hong Kong)
  • Diploma in Management (Wakefield Metropolitan District Council)
  • Certificate in Management (Wakefield Council District Council )
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Incubation, Coaching and Mentoring (Business School)
  • Certificate in Management Studies (The Business School)

Research and Scholarship


Annie’s research interests rest within the areas of Organisational Behaviour and Management/Leadership Education with particular emphasis on Reflective/Reflexive practice, contextulising those constructs within Management and Leadership education.

Her PhD focused on action learning set participants views on the creation of an effective action learning set, with emphasis placed on the interpersonal dynamics within the action learning set i.e.  Hierarchy, power, psychological climates and group politics. The primary intention of this research was to add to a limited body of literature on the behavioral aspects of action learning from the participant’s perspective, whilst making a contribution to the practice of set facilitation.

Methodologically her doctoral thesis combined both grounded theory and auto ethnography, which facilitated both an original contribution to knowledge in these areas, whilst simultaneously considering reflexivity in the research process.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Yeadon-Lee, A (2011) ‘Effective Action Learning Sets: An analysis of participant's experiences - A journey of personal and professional development through reflections on my PhD’. In: University of Huddersfield research Festival : Globalisation, innovation & enterprise, 29th March 2011, University of Huddersfield


Yeadon-Lee, A (2010) Action Learning: Managers accounts of being in an action learning set . : Lap Lambert. ISBN 9783843361477

Yeadon-Lee, A (2010) Effective Action Learning Sets: An analysis of participant experiences Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.


External Advisor

London Metropolitan University -  MSc Health and Social Policy - External advisor at a revalidation event in May 2013.

Sheffield Hallam University in collaboration with Munich Business School, Germany - DBA   External advisor at validation event in Munich, Germany in February 2014.

University of Derby - DBA External advisor at validation event in October 2014.

University of the West of Scotland - DBA External advisor at validation event in May 2015

Journal Reviewer

I currently review for the following journals:

  • Journal of Industry and Higher Education
    • Feb 2014 -"Revitalizing Professional Organizations Though Action Learning and Diversification"
  • Journal of Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning.
    • March 2014- Revisiting Communities of Practice – The Case of Egyptian Graffitists
  • Action Learning: Research and Practice
    • Sept 2014 - Book review for– Leading with Questions –Michael Marquardt
  • British Journal of Healthcare Management
    • March 2015 - Reflective Practice for managers

Research Degree Supervision

Annie welcomes doctoral proposals from prospective students in both leadership and management conceptual frameworks. She is particularly interested in the following research areas:
 Organisational Behaviour, Personal Development, Action Learning and Reflective/Reflexive Practice. She is also keen to work with students who would wish to draw upon a range of differing methodological approaches including grounded theory, action research and auto ethnography.

Director of Studies for the following  doctoral research

Doctor of Philosophy ( PhD)

  • A critical analysis of the role of the campus ombudsman system in UK Higher Education;
  • Developing the Reflective Practitioner’: The International Postgraduate MBA Student Learning Journey in order to become a reflective practioner: An exploratory study into the learning processes that support the international Postgraduate MBA student to develop the skills of reflective practice;
  • An exploration of the preparedness of Saudi Millennial workforce for the Business sector: Learner and Employers perspectives;
  • The impact of a socio-political paradigm shift triggered by 25th January 2011 revolution on Human Resources orientated practices in Egypt;
  • A critical analysis of the impact of academic misconduct in a university environment;
  • A critical analysis of the introduction of quality enhancement initiatives within UK HEI’s- The impact of an academic culture on implementation processes;
  • The relation between Servant Leadership and professional culture: A case study of Business Education within Higher Education; and
  • Developing an appropriate reward system: An analysis of differing motivational factors within the medical profession in Pakistan.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

  • A critical exploration of how UK Fair-trade SMEs pursue strategic success: Niche to norm;
  • Developing an understanding of transition processes between public/private sectors: A case study of executive employees transitional journeys; and
  • An exploration of the impact of physical architecture and office design on an organisations culture and psychological climate.


Doctoral completions

J-Hall (DBA ) - A critical exploration of how UK Fair-trade SMEs pursue strategic success –July 2014

I.M.O.Saad (PhD) –The role of organisational culture on cognitive learning styles in Libyan universities – May 2015

M M ElTahan (PhD) - The impact of a socio-political paradigm shift triggered by 25th January revolution on Human Resources orientated practices in Egypt – Sept 2015

J A Timiyo – (PhD) Servant Leadership in Higher Education – June 2016


Doctoral Examinations

External examinations

  • November 2014 – DBA at Chester University
    • Executive Coaching: A case study in Local Government

Internal examinations

  • May 2011 – PhD
    • An investigation into the role of leadership in the implementation of TQM in medical universities in Iran.
  • March 2015 – PhD
    • Inclusive Education Management: Disability, Culture and Teaching in Libya.
  • September  2015 – PhD
    • The Implications of Applying Total Quality Management (TQM) on E-Service: "Suggested E-Learning Service Quality Model"
  • March 2016 -PhD
    • Understanding servant leadership behaviour in UK Higher Education Institutions: A cultural perspective.

Enterprise Activities

Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
I have worked with a range of outside agencies at various locations. These have included a major management development programme for middle to senior management employees at local Metropolitan Council. This included jointly writing the tender document, pitching for the tender, developing and leading the course over a seven year period between 2002 and 2009.

Consort Management Consultants, Queens Street, Hong Kong
I have also been involved in delivering an MSc in Management by Action Learning for Consort Management Consultants in Hong Kong. This involved designing, teaching and latterly, leading the course between 2003 and 2007.

Yorkshire and Humberside Strategic Health Authority
The Business School has collaborated with the Strategic Health Authority Steering Group in the development of an MSc in Healthcare Management as part of the Government’s Leadership in Healthcare Initiative. I took a leading role in the development, validation and leadership of this course. My involvement lasted between 2008 and 2012.

West Yorkshire Fire Service
I have worked in collaboration with the West Yorkshire Fire Service between 2010 and 2011. This included supporting some of their members through Certificate in Management Studies.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Course Director: Doctor of Business/Public Administration
  • International Recruitment: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Teaching and Professional Activities

Annie’s subject expertise lies in the area of Organisational Behaviour; Management Education; Action Learning and Reflective/Reflexive Practice. Annie's current timetable includes DBA – Research Proposal, action learning set facilitation and supervision of DBA research projects. PhD supervision – she currently supervises both full time and part time PhD students,MSc Healthcare Management – Research proposal, Organisational Report and Dissertation writing modules.