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Christine took up the post of PVC Teaching and Learning in 2015.  She began her career working in community education with unemployed young people and went on to teach a wide range of subjects and students in further and adult education.  She worked for Huddersfield Technical College as Access to HE co-ordinator, and she taught literature to mature students for Leeds University's extra mural department.  In 1992 she moved to the University of Huddersfield, eventually becoming Head of Department.  Before returning to Huddersfield as Dean of Education and Professional Development in 2006, she was Head of Education and Humanities at Sheffield Hallam University, where she taught Renaissance and Eighteenth Century Literature. In 2010, she was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy for her contribution to teaching and learning.

She did undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in English and European Literature at the University of Warwick, a Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Leicester, and completed her PhD at the University of Leeds. Her research interests are interdisciplinary, combining literary studies, cultural studies and education. She has written about the impact of literature on students' world views, about children's and young adult fiction, film and television, and about the representation of education in popular culture.

She recently completed a chapter on young adult fiction for 'Popular Culture as Pedagogy; Research in Adult Education' edited by Jubas, Taylor and Brown and is working on a chapter on popular fictions as critical adult education for an edited collection on Adult and Lifelong Education and Learning.  With Prof. Kevin Orr, she is co-editor of the journal Studies in the Education of Adults.

As PVC she is responsible for the University's Teaching and Learning Strategy, for working with Schools and Services to secure an excellent student experience and works with registry to ensure the quality of the University's provision.

Externally she is a member of the Education and Training Foundation's Expert Panel on Professional Standards and Workforce Development, serves on the Oldham Education and Skills Commission, is a Trustee for CERTA and HEART, a member of Kirklees College Corporation and Chair of Dewsbury Learning Trust.

Christine believes that all learners regardless of background or ability deserve the best educational experience. She also believes that imaginative and creative work should play an important part in education at all levels and that their contribution to intellectual and affective development is profound.  

Research and Scholarship

She has particular interests in the transformative potential of literature and fiction, (in all its forms, film, television, novels, digital narratives) and this has been the main focus of her research. Her early work concentrated on the use of popular romantic fiction and on teen fiction. She co-authored a book for Routledge on the representation of education and educators in popular fiction, and recently wrote a chapter on the transformative power of film and fiction for the Handbook of Transformative Learning, edited by Edward Taylor and Patricia Cranton and published by Jossey Bass and a journal article on fiction, empathy and lifelong learning for the International Journal of Lifelong Education.  She is currently working with Professor Patricia Gouthro from Mount St Vincent University on an analysis of the use of the arts in professional education.  She continues to be interested in young adult fiction and has just completed a paper on The Twilight Saga as a form of public pedagogy for girls, which has been published in Children’s Literature in Education.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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  • 1992 - 2003 - Member of Kirklees Community Education Forum
  • 2007 - Member of Kirklees Children and Young People's Public Service Board
  • 2010 - Chair, Dewsbury Learning Trust
  • 2010-2013- Governor, and vice-chair of governing body, Westborough High School
  • 2013 – Corporation Member, Kirklees College, Member of Quality and Standards sub-committee


  • 1989 - 92 - Executive member West and North Yorkshire Access Consortium (WNYAC)
  • 1991 - 92 - Chair of WNYAC General Body and Executive Committee
  • 2006 - 08 - Member of executive group for North of England Education Conference


  • 1989 - 92 - Member NEAB Access Consultative Committee
  • 1992 - 97 - Member of Forum for Access Studies
  • 1994 - Current member of SCUTREA (Standing Conference on University Teaching and Researching into the Education of Adults)
  • 1996 - Current member of Association for Research in Popular Fiction
  • 1996 - Member of SCUTREA conference planning group
  • 2000 - Member of Institute for Learning and Teaching (HEA)/ Fellow of HEA.
  • 2004 - 06 - Member AQA Access Management Committee
  • 2007 - Member of the QIA's Consultative Group for Preparing Providers for the UK Vocational Qualifications Reform Programme
  • 2007 - Member of UCET Council
  • 2007 - Member of SCUTREA Council – Membership Secretary from 2011
  • 2009 - Member of expert panel, QIA - Golddust project
  • 2009 - Member of University Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL) Research Committee
  • 2010 - Teaching Fellowship Award
  • 2011 - Member of Teaching Agency’s Expert Panel on Scholarships
  • 2013 – Member of Teaching Agency’s Expert Panel on Scholarships
  • 2013-14 Member of Education and Training Foundation Practitioner Committee on Development of Professional Standards
  • 2014 Expert Panel Member, Education and Training Foundation, Professional Standards and Workforce Development

 Editorial Boards

Member of editorial board of Studies in the Education of Adults

Referee Journals

  • Adult Education Quarterly
  • Studies in the Education of Adults
  • International Journal of Lifelong Education
  • Slayage-on-line
  • Journal of Transformative Education

Referee Research Bids

  • Rapporteur for ESRC project

External Examining: doctoral theses


Author and Thesis Title

National Institute of Technology, Tarnakata , India

Sambatur Sridha: Teaching effectiveness and research productivity in Higher Technical Education.

University of British Columbia

Kaela Jubas: Promise and Trouble, Desire and Critique: Shopping as a site of learning about globalization, identity and the potential for change.

University of Nottingham

John Herrick: The short term residential college: a model for the future.

Sheffield Hallam University

Patricia Foster:  Professional doctorate students' stories of experiential learning: a discourse analysis

University of Sheffield

Susan  Cordell: Narratives of Access to Higher Education: An Examination of Representations of Widening Access to Higher Education in Popular Literature

Invited Keynote Lectures/Presentations

  • 2006 - Invited seminar presentation, Lifelong Learning Institute, Leeds University, 'Learning through Popular Fiction'
  • 2009 - Invited speaker at West Yorkshire Lifelong Learning Institute Progression Conference. '14-19 diploma progression opportunities'
  • 2012 - Key note presentation, School of Human and Health Sciences Teaching and Learning Conference: Teaching and Research, Love Match or Forced Marriage?’
  • 2013 – Public Pedagogy, Fiction and Transformative Learning, Mount St. Vincent University, Nova Scotia, Canada. Invited public lecture.

Other External Work (External Examining)

  • University of Edinburgh: 2004-2008
  • Canterbury Christchurch University, George Williams College: 2001-2004
  • Leeds Metropolitan University, Harrogate FE Faculty: 1997-200

Research Degree Supervision

  • The representation of learning, education and educational institutions in fiction (literature, film, television)
  • The use of fiction in teaching and learning
  • Fiction as popular pedagogy - learning from fiction in everyday life
  • Children’s  and teenage fiction

Further information is available about Research Topics and Supervision within the School of Education and Professional Development.

Administrative Responsibilities

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)

Teaching and Professional Activities

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education for HE teachers
  • Fairy Story and biography/ autobiography on Childhood Studies degree
  • Dissertation supervision (Childhood Studies)