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I studied for a BA (Double Hons) degree in Drama and English at the University of Manchester, before becoming a freelance practitioner, working as a theatre director, teacher, writer and facilitator in community settings. From 1998 – 2003 I was Director of Theatre Education at Mind the Gap theatre company in Bradford, running the company’s innovative training programmes in professional theatre for adults with learning disabilities. From 2002 – 2009 I also performed as Smiley Smacko of The Pierrotters, Britain’s last remaining seaside pierrot troupe.

Since joining the University of Huddersfield in 2005 I have maintained ongoing links with the theatre industry mostly through memberships of company boards, including Promenade Promotions and Chol Theatre. From 2011 – 2013 I was an Artistic Assessor for Arts Council England, focussing on street theatre and Disability Arts.

Research and Scholarship

My main area of research focuses on performers with learning disabilities, and examining the social and aesthetic significance of this work. As well as renowned theatre companies in this field (Mind the Gap, Back to Back, Dark Horse), this research also includes learning disabled musicians, such as Heavy Load and Susan Boyle.

Drawing on my own practice as a seaside entertainer, I investigate the history of the British Pierrot troupe, a popular form in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. These troupes performed on the beaches, promenades and piers and their repertoire included songs, sketches, dances and novelty acts. The first troupe, formed by banjo player Clifford Essex, appeared at Henley Regatta in 1891, and within a few years most seaside resorts had at least one, and usually several, troupes.

I also investigate another renowned troupe from the history of popular entertainment, the Rat Pack, comprised of five performers: Frank Sinatra; Dean Martin; Sammy Davis Jr; Peter Lawford; and Joey Bishop. Although primarily considered a musical act today, the troupe’s work encompassed several forms (comedy, song, dance, drama and impersonation) and spanned a range of media (film, television, radio and nightclubs).

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Between 2012 and 2016 I acted as co-convenor of the Applied and Social Theatre Working Group for the Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA). In this role, I have jointly curated events at Huddersfield University, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Liverpool Hope University, as well as the working group’s meetings for the national conferences at Glasgow University / Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Royal Holloway University of London, the University of Worcester and Bristol University. I am also Deputy Chair of the theatre company Dark Horse, based at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield.

Research Degree Supervision

I welcome enquiries from research students interested in contemporary Applied Theatre or Outdoor Performance, for supervision of MA by Research / MPhil or co-supervision of a PhD. I am particularly interested in theatre engaged with people with learning disabilities, and broader applications of theatre in a context of Disability.

Indicative (but not exclusive) areas for study might include:

  • Learning disabled performance / performers
  • The history of Disability Arts
  • Theatre of the Oppressed
  • Applied Theatre practices
  • The Pierrot tradition
  • The Rat Pack and / or any of its individual members

Administrative Responsibilities

I am currently the Chair of the Equal Opportunities Committee for the School of Music, Humanities and Media, and represent the School at the University’s Equality and Diversity Enhancement Group. I am a Deputy Academic Integrity Officer for the School, and also act as Disabilities Co-ordinator for the Drama department.

Teaching and Professional Activities

I teach across the theory and practical modules on the BA (Hons) degree and also currently supervise students for MA by Research.

I am Module Leader for two theory modules, Models and Theories of Performance Practice 1b, a first year module looking at key developments in drama, theatre and performance in recent history, and Models and Theories of Performance Practice 2b, a second year module looking at the social and political significance of theatre.

In practical modules, I direct student performances at all undergraduate levels, and covering a range of styles and approaches, including devised performances, clown shows, text-based work from the historical to the contemporary avant garde, street theatre, Invisible theatre, Renaissance drama and community-based projects. I have also taught options that explore the theory and practice of applied and social theatre.