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Professor Barry Doyle studied for both his BA and PhD at the University of East Anglia. He held teaching posts at the Universities of St Andrews, Durham and Edinburgh before moving to the University of Teesside where he was lecturer and Reader in History and subsequently Assistant Dean Research in the School of Social Sciences and Law. He moved to Huddersfield as Head of History, English, Languages and Media in 2008 and since 2013 has been Professor of Health History.

His teaching and research interests cover the political, social and economic history of urban Britain in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He has a particular interest in the development of health care systems before welfare states in both the UK and Europe. He was closely involved in developing a project to archive the British Steel Teesside Collection which received over £400,000 in grants, while his health care research has received significant support from the Wellcome Trust.

Barry is Director of the Centre for the History of Public Health and Medicine.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

He is Chair of the Publications Committee of the Economic History Society.

He is a member of the Peer Review Colleges for both the AHRC and the ESRC.

He is series editor for New Approaches to Economic and Social History (Cambridge University Press) and People, Markets, Goods (Boydell and Brewer)

He is a member of the Editorial Board for the Royal Historical Society's Studies in History Series.

He is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Social History of Medicine.

Research and Scholarship

Barry Doyle’s research is concentrated in three areas: early twentieth century urban history, especially urban politics; the history of hospitals before the NHS; and the development of European welfare states. He has published extensively on middle-class politics and culture both in a local and national context, including articles in Historical Journal, English Historical Review and Historical Research. He has just completed a project, funded by the Wellcome Trust, examining the politics and finance of hospital provision in Yorkshire prior to the NHS. In addition to articles in Medical History and Social History of Medicine he has recently completed a book for Chatto and Pickering’s Social History of Medicine Series entitled The Politics of Hospital Provision in Early Twentieth Century Britain (2014).

Current and Future Projects

Hospitals in Urban France before 1950. This project is currently focused on Lille but will be expanded to include other industrial cities such as Toulouse, Nantes and Rouen. It examines the development of the hospital system in the cities of industrial France identifying issues of finance and control in a comparative context.

Health Care Systems before Welfare States. This collaborative project is drawing together information on health provision, especially hospitals, across Europe in the century before the establishment of welfare states.

Conservative Constituency Politics in the Great War. Based on the records of Conservative MP. Commander Oliver Locker-Lampson, this project will consider how a constituency organization was maintained during the Great War in rural Huntingdon and how Conservatives managed to utilize the War to restore their electoral position and reputation.

Insights into the development of these projects are posted in CHPHMblog http://bmdoyleblog.wordpress.com

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research Degree Supervision

Barry would be interested in supervising students in the areas of urban politics, hospital provision and aspects of late nineteenth and twentieth century local and regional history.

Specific projects suitable especially for MA by Research include:

  • Urban elites and city governance in Leeds/Sheffield/Huddersfield or other towns/cities 1900-40.
  • Hospital provision and politics before the NHS in a specific urban area (student’s own choice) with particular reference to voluntary/municipal integration.
  • Gender and healthcare in an urban setting 1880-1950.

Previous students:

‘William Pulteney Alison: Activist philanthropist and pioneer of social medicine’ PhD

‘Gentry politics in North Yorkshire, 1918-1951’ PhD

Cricket, Competition and the Amateur Ethos: Surrey and the Home Counties, 1870-1970'. PhD

‘The management of the poor with particular reference to the undeserving poor of Huddersfield between 1834 -1884’ PhD (second supervisor)

‘Cinema before the talkies in Leicester and County Durham’ PhD by Completed Work

‘Class and Voluntarism between 1930 and 1957: 608 Squadron Auxiliary Air Force’ MPhil

‘Early cricket in Halifax’ MA by Research


Current students:

Director of Studies

‘Myth-making and British national identity in the twentieth century’, PhD

‘Middlesbrough’s Steel Magnates, 1840-1930’. AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award.

Second Supervisor

 ‘Mental health services within the poor law in Yorkshire, 1880-1929’ AHRC CDA with Thackray Museum,

‘Mental health of the British in India, 1858-1947’