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I joined the University of Huddersfield as Professor of Drama in January 2012. I was previously at the National University of Ireland – Cork (University College Cork) from 2005 and was Head of Department when I left at the end of 2011. From 1991-2005 I was at the University of Northampton where I was Course Leader for the innovative BA(Hons) Performance Studies course between 1994 and 2001. Since 2008 I have held the post of Visiting Professor in Performance Studies and Creative Practice at Northampton. I have also held posts at the University of East Anglia, Derby Tertiary College, NORCAT (King Lynn) and have been a guest lecturer at a variety of institutions from the University of Malta to King’s College, Cambridge.

From 1986-89 I was a self-employed Performance Specialist enaged in a wide variety of projects including devised physical performance, clowning, storytelling, devising staff training programmes for companies such as The Body Shop, and running workshops in prisons, adult education centres, a drug and alcohol resources centre, and a centre for excluded pupils.

Prior to studying for a first degree in Drama (with Philosophy) at UEA in 1983, I created solo performances and worked with little known fringe theatre companies such as The Raging Id. I also worked as an ASM and theatre technician at a multi-function arts centre.

My training in skills has been ongoing for the past thirty-five years and has involved one-day workshops through to regular trainings extended over several years.

Research and Scholarship

I have a number of research strands and projects which congregate around a network of issues and processes of creativity, devising, improvisation, pedagogy and health. I am partly concerned with the impediments to these processes and ways of overcoming them although that is often an implicit rather than explicit condern in my publications. These questions inform my practice-as-research work as well and also my pedagogy.

I have published on the work of theate pedagogues such as Michael Chekhov, Jacques Lecoq, Etienne Decroux and Eugenio Barba but also on themes such as Theatre and Ecology, First-person perspectives and Physical Theatre.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Chamberlain, F (2006) Love is... [Show/Exhibition]

Chamberlain, F (2006) Telling [Show/Exhibition]


Chamberlain, F (2005) The Public [Show/Exhibition]



2010--present:     Co-editor (with Gareth Somers) The Journal of Perfomance and Ecology (not yet launched).

2005--2012:         Series Editor, Routledge Theatre Sourcebooks, Abingdon: Routledge (3 volumes published).

2000- 2012:         Series Editor, Routledge Performance Practitioners, Abingdon: Routledge (20 volumes).

1992-1999:          Editor-in-Chief, Contemporary Theatre Review, Amsterdam: Harwood Academic Press (12 Volumes/40 issues).

1992-1999:          Editor-in Chief, Contemporary Theatre Studies, Amsterdam: Harwood Academic Press  (42 volumes).

Current Membership of Editorial Boards:

Choreographic Practices (Intellect). (2010-present)
Theatre Dance and Performance Training (Routledge). (2010-present)
Total Theatre. (c2000-2007)
Performance and Spirituality. (2009-present)
Performing Ethos: An International Journal of Ethics and Performance (2012-present)

Recent Grants: (since 2001)

2011:                     (with Nicole Kennedy and Nuala Walsh) UCC President’s Award for Research on Innovative Forms of Teaching and Learning (€2,000)

2009:                      National Academy for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning  (NAIRTL) funding (€5,000) for ‘Embedding Practice as                                Research (PaR) Methodologies into the DTS Undergraduate Curriculum’.

2003 – 2008:         AHRB/AHRC funding (£44,700) for collaborative project with Ralph Yarrow (UEA) and Frances Babbage (Leeds) for: ‘Pan Centre's Vidya comes to life: evaluation, analysis and dissemination’.

2001                      Joint AHRB/UCN funded sabbatical (January-September) to research Michael Chekhov book for Routledge.

External Examining:

2008-2012           BA Theatre and Performance/BA Dance Theatre/MRes, University of Plymouth.

2005--2009:         MA Practical Performance, University of Chester.

2002--2005:         BA Modern Drama Studies, Brunel University.

2002--2006:         BA Acupuncture Oxford Brookes/College of Chinese Medicine.

2000--2005:         MA Theatre, Text, Production, and MA Theatre and Development,University of East Anglia.

1998--2002:         BA Theatre and Professional Practice, Coventry University.

1998--2002:         BA Performing Arts, University of Sunderland.

External Committees:

2007--2008:         International Member of SCUDD working group on standards in the external examining of ‘Practice as Research’ PhDs.

2005--2006:         International Member of SCUDD/HEFCE working group on External Examining processes in Drama.

2003--2005:         Vice - Chair of SCUDD.

2000:                   Member of National Benchmarking Group Advisory Panel for Dance, Drama and Performing Arts.

1999:                   Member SCUDD sub-committee on National Benchmarking.

Research Degree Supervision

2011-present: International member of steering group for Action, Scene, Voice: Ongoing Dialogues with the work of Edward Gordon Craig conference, Pomona College, CA (2013)

2005: External consultant to Dartington CA/Dartington Hall Trust committee organising Michael Chekhov Anniversary symposium.

2005: Co-organiser of SCUDD/SCODHE conference, Northampton.

1990: Member of steering group for Shadow of Spirit conference, King’s College, Cambridge (with: Philippa Berry, Theresa Brennan, Ralph Yarrow, Andrew Wernick).

External PhD Examining

I’ve externally-examined PhD candidates for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Winchester, Exeter, Royal Holloway and Middlesex Universities, and Dartington College of Arts (University of Plymouth).

Administrative Responsibilities

I I’m currently both Subject Leader and Research Co-ordinator for Drama and am a member of a number of committees including Senate, University Teaching and Learning Committee, and the School Research Committee

Teaching and Professional Activities

AHD3200: Critical Context: Perspectives on Contemporary Drama, Theatre and Performance
AHD3303: Practice Analysis: Final Year Project
AID2108: Models and Theories of Performance Practice 2
AID2233: IN Context