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Jay Payne is A lecturer in Animation & Motion Graphics and joined the University in November 2010. He has a professional background in Technical Illustration, Graphic Design and Prop Making. Born in Huddersfield, he now lives in the Halifax area. As a practitioner he has collaborated with musicians to create motion graphics works; with theatre companies to make avant-garde theatrical props; and has a professional practice creating 3d models and animations.

Research and Scholarship

  • Investigating software tools & developments for animators and Motion Artists.
  • Technical support for Digital Artists.
  • Research support for 3d Modelling, VFX Supporting animators, photographers and contemporary artists.
  • An interest in experimental film making, animation and the moving image.
  • Visual experimentation based around the notion of the sketchbook and how it translates to motion based art forms.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Payne, J (2014) 3d Classics Promo [Video]

Payne, J (2014) Extatic Drift [Video]

Payne, J (2014) Spirals [Video]

Payne, J (2014) Clockwork Cities [Video]


Payne, J (2013) With small hands waving [Video]


Payne, J (2010) Remnant [Video]

Payne, J (2010) Invisible [Video]


  • Professional Animator supported by Animated Yorkshire
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • 3dclassics on turbosquid.com - Seasoned Artist & Diamond Seller

Teaching and Professional Activities

Teaching responsibilities

  • Year 1 Studio Tutor
  • Year 1 and Year 2 Animation and Motion Graphics BA(Hons) tutor
  • Year 2 Intermediate Studio Support
  • Final Year Advanced Studio Practice and Dissertation Support

Other Responsibilities

  • Workshop support for outreach animation events
  • Technical Liaison for Animation & Motion graphics course