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Charlotte Goldthorpe graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a First class honours degree in Design for Film and Television in 2003. She then completed an apprenticeship at the BBC in 2003 in set design and subsequently worked as a freelance art director/assistant 2003-2006 that involved creating graphics through to prop making. During this period Charlotte worked on a number of different programmes and films, encompassing a variety of genres such as Silent Witness, Confetti and Eastenders

Having qualified as a Design and Technology teacher from Goldsmiths University in 2007, Charlotte taught at The Petchey Academy, East London for several years, before completing her Masters degree in Fashion Artefact at the London College of Fashion in 2011.

Charlotte has also established a successful accessories business under her own label, where she designs, makes and promotes the brand. She has also designed for Rita Britton’s label ‘Nomad’ and slow fashion brand ‘Antithesis’.

In 2011 Charlotte relocated back to Yorkshire, and joined the University of Huddersfield in 2012; she is currently the Course Leader for Fashion Communication and Promotion. In 2014 Charlotte commenced a practice-based PhD investigating the interrelationships between personal artefacts and lost love.

Research and Scholarship

Charlotte is currently undertaking a practice based PhD entitled ‘Can an artefact be created to store (the memory of) lost love?’

The research questions the importance of past relationships between person and memory and also queries her own work as a maker and how it is understood through the concept of love. The purpose of this practice-based exploration is to explore the extent to which personal possessions can be used to harbour emotions, transforming inanimate objects into personal reliquaries or shrines, as a store for lost love.

Adopting an auto-ethnographic approach Charlotte works with a number of individuals to collect narratives of familial, platonic or romantic lost loves. From these narratives, in conjunction with personal objects, artefacts will be created using casting and traditional/contemporary leatherworking techniques to store memories of lost love.

Charlotte’s previous work plays with the idea of absence and presence of form and the solidification and inversion of space around objects, turning objects into voids, leaving a space; similar to that of an absent friend. The work explores the notion of beauty, elegance and detail of personal objects, allowing the onlooker to visualise the space the object once occupied.

Overarching ideas of relationships between people and their possessions provides an exchange between status, value, being and belonging. These themes of absence and loss are explored in a series of works entitled ‘Absence’.

Charlotte recently displayed her work at IFFTI 2015 multidisciplinary conference in Florence Italy.  The conference theme “Momenting the Memento” focused on six areas of enquiry – Body, Calligraphy, Craft, Dress, Imagery and Space. ‘Absence’ was one of 26 installations and was positioned in the crypt of the Santa Croce.  The positioning of the work alongside crypts in this way allowed a relatable dialogue between possessions, momento-mori, history and ownership to take place.

She is currently applying for residencies and continues investigatory research for her PhD.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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  • Member of the FHEA 2012.

Research Degree Supervision

  • Fashion and diversity
  • Traditional craft
  • Fashion as communication
  • Progression Vs Preservation

Enterprise Activities

In August 2012 I collaborated with ‘Antithesis’ a new Fashion brand who design and manufacture multifunctional clothing. I developed a multifunctional bag that changes from a travel case, to rucksack, city bag and clutch.

I have worked alongside Rita Britton at Pollyanna in Barnsley on her Nomad accessories range.

Teaching and Professional Activities

  • I am the Course leader on Fashion Communication and Promotion.
  • I lead on the Digital Fashion Promotion module in the first year and Fashion Industry in Second year, teaching all aspects including, trend, promotion, creativity and design.
  • In the Final year I am proud to be in charge of the Magazine Project and the Professional Portfolio modules, also working with a group of students on Case Study and being involved in Final Major Project tutorials throughtout the year.