Portrait of Professor John Bancroft Professor John Bancroft

john.bancroft@stfc.ac.uk | 01484 473079


John is the Project Director of the Hartree Centre and Head of Campus Centres at STFC. In 2011/12 John has helped to secure ~£60M of capital investment from the UK Government into the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus (£2.5M into accelerator science plus £56.5M into HPC software development platforms within the Hartree Centre), plus £10M (over 3 years) of recurrent funding from STFC. 

As Project Director for the Hartree Centre John is charged with developing the ownership, governance and business models for the Centre and ensuring it achieves its goal to become a major component in the UK e-infrastructure, concentrating on the development and demonstration of new software to enable the full exploitation of the UK’s e-infrastructure by UK industry, academia and society in general.

John graduated as a chemist from UMIST, is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, a founder member of the UK E-infrastructure Leadership Council (ELC), a member of the N8 HPC Advisory Board and a member of the ARCHIE-WeST Supercomputing Centre International Advisory Panel.

During his 34+ year career John spent six years, including a period in the USA, working in technical sales and marketing roles covering precious metals and high purity materials. John then spent the next decade working in import and export sales and marketing roles covering analytical instrumentation and systems. For the last eighteen years John has worked in technology transfer, business development and IP/R exploitation roles.

John has experience in exporting to Europe, North America, India and Asia-Pacific and in a great variety of commercial roles across many industries and technologies.

Research and Scholarship

John has worked in R&D roles in electrochemical cell and process design, sample preparation and sampling systems for XRF and gas analysis instruments and systems, adhesion promotion, polymeric barrier formation, instantaneous photochromicity and novel ionisation techniques for mass spectrometry


John has been a Fellow of the UK Sales and Marketing Management Institute for over 10 years and is a Founder Member of the UK E-infrastructure Leadership Council, set up in 2012.

John is a member of the N8 HPC Advisory Board and the ARCHIE-West Supercomputer International Advisory Panel. John is currently the Chair of the UK’s Energy Efficient Computing Special Interest Group. John has appeared on Radio 5 Live, speaking on supercomputing, and is featured in a video on the Hartree Centre facilities, produced by Intel.

John has chaired sessions at Electrochemistry Conferences (Florida, Nov 1996) and presented papers on e-chem cell design (Barcelona, 1997), polymer coatings and barriers (Chicago, 2006), flux design for XRF sample preparation (to the US Geological Survey) and plasma destruction of toxic waste (Hanford, 1995)