Portrait of Dr John Day Dr John Day

j.day@hud.ac.uk | 01484 473355


Position: Senior Lecturer, Department of Management
Qualifications: PhD, BSc, MSc, DPA, FHEA

John is currently a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship. His primary interests include teaching entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial marketing at undergraduate level.

John joined the University in 1974 having worked for a short period with the Greater London Council during one of their most turbulent periods of change.  For a good number of years he specialised in public sector economics along with environmental economics but always had an interest in small business. John became the Regional Director for Yorkshire and Humberside Graduate Enterprise Programme betwwen 1987-1991. He also ran the Business and Manager Development unit for the Business School for 2 years. Since then John has concentrated on developing and teaching entrepreneurship currently to undergraduates and previously to master level.

Research and Scholarship

John’s research interests focus on entrepreneurship in four contexts:

1. Alongside the study of small business in general.
2. On entrepreneurial marketing within small business which can either be seen as a general interest in how the SME actually markets itself in practice or the notion that the combination of entrepreneurship and marketing delivers more potent outcomes both in practice   and in understanding the realities of small business.

3. The extension of entrepreneurial marketing beyond the SME, in this case, to public arts sculpture trails.

4. The teaching of entrepreneurship particularly entrepreneurial marketing.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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2006 -John received a ‘Distinguished Research and Leadership Award’ from The College of Business Administration of the University of Illinois at Chicago for an outstanding research and leadership contribution in the field of the marketing-entrepreneurship interface. This included a period as Managing Editor of the Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, as well as serving on the Special Interest Groups on entrepreneurial marketing for both the American Marketing Association and the Academy of Marketing.

2003- onwards - Editorial Board member.
1999-2003 - one of the founders of the Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Joint Managing Editor.

Research Degree Supervision

John's current supervision of PhD students covers: immigrant entrepreneurs in selected enclaves in the UK/Norway/Denmark; family business in China and Nigeria; women entrepreneurs in Libya; e-commerce adoption in Indonesia; and, franchising in the UK.

Past supervision includes: entrepreneurship education in Indonesia; development of sectors of the Libyan economy; entrepreneurs in conflict zones; entrepreneurial marketing; and, UK local authority policy making.

John has supervised eight students to PhD completion and one to MPhil.

John is currently supervising eight PhD students.

Enterprise Activities

Recent work with a local social enterprise concerning business development.

Administrative Responsibilities

John has wide experience of managing undergraduate programmes and was for many years responsible for our part time degree in Business Studies both at Queensgate and with our three franchise partners.

Currently he is Programme Leader for our four top-up degrees run in Hong Kong in partnership with the Hong Kong Management Association.

Teaching and Professional Activities

Teaching Activities

Module Leader for: BHS0011: Business and the Entrepreneur (UK and Hong Kong); BHK0015: Marketing for Small Business; BHS0028: Business Enterprise Dissertation; BHS0013: Business Dissertation.

BIS0009: Small Business Enterprise & Planning – deliver Term Two component.

Internal Examiner for three PhD candidates;
Internal Panel member for several degree validations;
External Panel for one UK University overseas degree programme;
University DALO currently for HKMA partnership, previously for Blackburn College and Stockport College part time Business Studies degree.

Professional Activities

John has presented conference papers at both national and international conferences in many parts of the world including the UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, and the USA.

Professional Memberships


2004-2010, Member of the UIC, College of Business Administration, Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, Editorial/Advisory Board for the IES Research Symposia.