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I studied Biochemistry and Genetics and then gained a PhD in population genetics at the University of Nottingham. My PhD work led to a long-term interest in transposable elements (a diverse group of genetic parasites found in most organisms). My postdoctoral career took me to the Natural History Museum, London, UCL, York and Leeds, during which time I developed an interest in reconstructing the branching of the Eukaryotic Tree of Life. My main interest is in the eukaryotic supergroup Opisthokonta, which contains the animals, fungi and their single-celled relatives. In particular, I study a group of aquatic protists called the choanoflagellates, which I recently showed to be the sister-group of the animals. This work has yielded important findings on how animals evolved from their unicellular ancestors. Through international collaborations I am currently working on various aspects of opisthokont genomics.

During my time at the Universities of York and Leeds I lectured on bioinformatics, phylogenetics and population genetics. I am a member of the Genetics Society and the British Society of Protist Biology (BSPB). Since 2009 I have been a committee member of the BSPB and I am currently the Society Treasurer.

Research and Scholarship

Protist evolution and the origin of animals.

My focus is predominantly centred on the opisthokonts (the close relatives of animals and fungi). I am currently working on the evolution of the choanoflagellates, the unicellular sister-group of the animals, by using phylogenetic analyses to trace the evolution of morphological, ecological and genomic traits. The work also provides insights into the last common ancestor of the choanoflagellates and animals. 
I am particularly interested in the evolution of sexual reproduction and freshwater/marine transitions within protists. My research also covers the origin of multicellularity in animals and metabolic differences between the choanoflagellates and animals.

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Genome evolution and the population genetics of transposable elements. 

I am interested in numerous aspects of eukaryotic transposable elements. My main interest is in understanding the evolution of transposable elements in protists, since theory predicts that they should evolve in a different fashion to the multicellular eukaryotes. I am currently studying a taxonomically broad set of unicellular organisms to identify trends in the population dynamics of their transposable elements. I also use whole genome analyses to study the importance of horizontal transfer (in a manner analogous to the transmission of HIV from chimpanzees to humans) in the continued existence of transposable elements in eukaryotic populations.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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