Portrait of  Andrew Stainton Andrew Stainton

a.stainton@hud.ac.uk | 01484 472216


Position: Student Placements Manager

Andrew is currently employed as the Placements Officer for the Business School. This role involves taking responsibility for supporting, advising and motivating students to secure a 12 month industry placement as part of their university expereince. Andrew has seen an increase in the number of students undertaking placements in the short time within his role (started March 2012). Andrew first joined the university in 2005 and has worked as a Placement Advisor for the School of Computing and Engineering then subsequent roles in the Careers and Employabiltiy Service before taking his current role in the business school. Prior to working for the university Andrew worked in the Recruitment Sector for over 5 years in management roles, taking responsibility for opening new sites and working with a range of high profile PLC’s. His early career included management roles with Whitbread and Kingfisher groups. Andrew started his career on a graduate training scheme with B&Q.

Outside of the university, Andrew volunteers for the Princes Trust to help young people who may be struggling in life. He is also a director of the Wooldale Cooperative Society which is an independent food retail business based in the Holme Valley.

Research and Scholarship

Interested in current trends in recruitment and selection.

Particular interest in supporting disabled students into careers.

Advocate for the reasonable payment of all internships and placements.

Enterprise Activities

Director of the Wooldale Cooperative Society

Teaching and Professional Activities

Andrew has run varied placement workshops to ensure students have the required knowledge and insights to succeed in the competitive process of securing an industrial placement.