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Professor Weston undertook an aero/mechanical student apprenticeship at  Armstrong Siddeley Motors(ASM) from 1957-62 and was subsequently employed as a development engineer at Bristol Siddeley Engines(BSE) on small gas turbines and marine fuel control systems. He was a sponsored student on a London external BSc Mechanical Engineering degree whilst undetaking a Joint Committee HND  at Lanchester CoT. A  one year post graduate course in Advanced Control Engineering at Cambridge University followed before taking up post as lecturer in mechanical engineering at Liverpool Polytechnic.  Here, Bill developed undergraduate and postgraduate courses, attracted EPSRC research funding and gained his PhD for ‘Dynamic Analsis of Electro-Hydraulic Servo-Valves using laser Doppler Anemometry in 1976.  

Bill left as Acting HoD(Academic) in 1987 to take up post as Head of Mechanical & Production Engineering at Huddersfield Polytechnic.  The next years saw the department develop vigorously with new undergraduate and postgraduate courses, active research and external funding.  European cooperations were enabled through ERASMUS and COMETT funding.   Seven Transfer of Technology programmes with industry were undertaken in addition to Flexible Manufacturing and CAD Awareness programmes.  These activities, together with the departments research activities enabled Mechanical Engineering to be graded 4 in the 2001 RAE, a very creditable score.

On a personal level, Bill has supervised 15 research supervisions and attracted about £2M external funding.  He has been the external examiner for 14 Mphil/PhDs, has undertaken eight external course examinerships and seven external course reviews.  He was made Professor of Mechanical Engineering in 2002, Emeritus Professor in 2004 and elected Fellows of the IET and IMechE in 1991 and 2006.  His outside activities include aerobatting, motorcycling and walking.

His subject specialisms are Engineering Systems and Dynamics and Control. He has about 100 research publications and consultancy reports in his portfolio.

Bill is active in project supervision with his main interests focussing on squeeze film effects in hybrid bearings, forced induction and the use of alternative fuels in ic engines.

Research and Scholarship

Bill has attracted in excess of £2M in research and development funding from various sources including:

  • SERC research grants and CASE awards
  • NAB and HEFCE funding
  • DTI/ERDF funding and
  • SERC/DTI/TCD Teaching Company(Transfer of Technology) Programmes.

His current research focuses on:

  • Squeeze film effects in hydrostatic/hydrodynamic bearings.
  • Development of ic engine technology including forced induction and exhaust gas recirculation.
  • The use of alternative fuels in forced induction ic engines

External/Research Funding

Dynamic and Modal Analysis of Machines and Systems
(W B Rowe and W Weston)
Dynamics of Manipulators
(J R Jones, W Weston and G T Rooney)
Prediction and Measurement of Unsteady Valve/Orifice Flow
(W Weston and D Pountney)
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Valve Flow
Characteristics (W Weston and D Pountney)
Unsteady flow analysis through Electro-hydraulic Servo-valves
(W Weston and D Pountney)
Design for temperature effects in large fluid film bearings for high speeds and loads
(W B Rowe and W Weston)
Teaching Company Programme with David Brown Gears Industries. 
Projects - Implementation of a Flexibly Automated Cell; Specification, Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Tool Management System; Development of a Cell Based Approach to Machine Shop Reorganisation.
(W Weston and P F Kelly)
Teaching Company Programme with Joseph Rhodes.
Projects:  Computerised Manufacturing Control System; Interpress Transfer System Design & Prototype Manufacture; High Speed Minting Press Design & Prototype Manufacture.
(W Weston, J K Baron and V E Leedham)
SERC CASE Award 'Knowledge Based Process Planning' £24,555
Teaching Company Programme with Taylor Valves. 
Project:  Design, using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Prototype Manufacture of a Steam Safety Valve.
(W Weston and H V Rao)
STRIDE Project:  Flexible Manufacturing
An EC funded programme to deliver transfer of technology to Objective 2 Areas in Yorkshire and Humberside through focused and selected projects with quantifiable benefits.
(W Weston and M Mavromihales)
Teaching Company Programme with Drum International
Projects: Automation of the delivery from a tanker mounted bulk delivery system; Delivery System development; Compressor blower development.  
(W Weston, C Daykin and H V Rao)
Teaching Company Programme with Symphony Group plc (transferred from HUBS).
Project:  Establish a multi product ‘greenfield’ production and distribution plant and associated systems courses and postgraduate work. 
(W Weston and J K Baron)
CAD Modelling and Awareness programme CK/35/201
(W Weston and M Mavromihales)

TCS Programme with BPC Building Products.
Project:  Design, prototype manufacture and test of structural fixing components. 
(W Weston and S M Barrans)

TCS Programme with Blackhall Engineering 
Project: The development of a special purpose cryogenic valve
(W Weston and H V Rao)
CBP with Blackhall Engineering
Project:  Implement and install a MIS
(W Weston and J K Baron)
3D CAD Product Modelling and Innovation Centre 
(W Weston and M Mavromihales)
High Speed engine bearing systems 
(W Weston)

Underlined name is principal investigator

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Argakiotis, C., Mishra, R., Stubbs, C. and Weston, B. (2014) ‘The Effect of using an Ethanol blended fuel on Emissions in an SI EngineRenewable Energy and Power Quality Journal (12). ISSN 2172-038 X

Kinnear, D., Mishra, R., Weston, B. and Padgett, C. (2010) ‘A Design Methodology for the Prediction of Squeeze Film Stiffness and Damping Characteristics in Hybrid Journal Bearings under Pulsatile Load Conditions.International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ’10) Granada (Spain), 23rd to 25th March, 2010 .

Barrans, S. and Weston, W. (2004) ‘Technical Application Series. A strain data acquisition system suitable for remote applicationsExperimental Techniques , 28 (3), pp. 68-71. ISSN 0732-8818

Mavromihales, M., Mason, J. and Weston, B. (2003) ‘A case of reverse engineering for the manufacture of wide chord fan blades (WCFB) used in Rolls Royce aero enginesJournal of Materials Processing Technology , 134 (3), pp. 279-286. ISSN 0924-0136

Weston, W., Mavromihales, M. and Mason, J. (2002) ‘A Reverse Engineering application for improved manufacture of Wide Chord fan blades (WCFB) used in aero enginesInternational Journal of Engineering Simulation , 3 (2), pp. 3-8. ISSN 1468-1137

Banieghbal, M., Weston, W. and Pountney, D. (1989) ‘A numerical study of turbulent flow characteristics of servo?valve orificesProceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power Engineering 1989 (vol 203) , 203 (21), pp. 139-147. ISSN 0954-4046

Rowe, W., Xu, S., Chong, F. and Weston, W. (1982) ‘Hybrid journal bearings with particular reference to hole-entry configurationsTribology International , 15 (6), pp. 339-348. ISSN 0301-679X

Weston, W., Lalor, M. and Rees Jones, J. (1979) ‘Optimal design of an electro-hydraulic flow control system using laser velocimeter feedbackISA Transactions , 18 (3), pp. 89-99. ISSN 0019-0578

Weston, W. and Lalor, M. (1979) ‘Determination of the dynamic flow characteristics of an electro-hydraulic servo-valve using a laser velocimeterJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics , 12 (2), pp. 203-218. ISSN 0022-3727

Lalor, M. and Weston, W. (1976) ‘An inexpensive laser anemometerPhysics Education , 11 (6), pp. 425-427. ISSN 0031-9120

Arundel, P., Hobson, C., Lalor, M. and Weston, W. (1974) ‘Measurements of individual alumina particle velocities and the relative slip of different-sized particles in a vertical gas - solid suspension flow using a laser - anemometer systemJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics , 7 (16), pp. 2288-2300. ISSN 0022-3727

Weston, W. and Lalor, M. (1972) ‘Laser velocimeter gives precise valve calibrationDesign Engineering , pp. 62-65. ISSN 0308-8448

Weston, W., Lalor, M. and Cleaver, J. (1972) ‘Pulsatile flow measurement in hydraulic systems using a laser velocimeterOpto-electronics , 4 (4), pp. 417-427. ISSN 0306-8919

Weston, W. and Lalor, M. (1972) ‘Laser velocimeter boosts reliability of hydraulic servosDesign Engineering , pp. 50-51. ISSN 0308-8448

Conference Item

Hudson, S., Stubbs, C. and Weston, W. (2012) ‘The Effect on Emissions of using Alternative Fuels in Turbo-Charged Diesel Engines’. In: International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ'12), 28th - 30th March 2012, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia

Herapath, C., Barrans, S. and Weston, W. (2011) ‘A Comparison of Design Methodologies for Journal Bearings under Pulsatile Loads’. In: International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ'11), 13-15 April 2011, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain


Kelly, P. and Weston, W. (1996) A Core Curriculum for the Education of Manufacturing Engineers for the 21st Century - The Conflict between Breadth and Depth SME


1991 Elected Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology
2006 Elected Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineering
External Examinerships
1989-93 Manchester Polytechnic
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering and Integrated Engineering Systems
1990-94 Newcastle Polytechnic
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
1992-98 Sheffield City Polytechnic
MSc (Engineering) by PT study
1994-98 Sunderland University
BEng (Hons) Mechanical, Manufacturing and Materials Engineering
1994-98 Sheffield Hallam University
MSc Advanced Engineering
1995-99 Humberside University
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Systems and Aero Structures
1998-02 Wolverhampton University
MSc Engineering Product Design
1999-03 Southbank University
BEng/BSc/MSc degrees
Course validation and review 
1989 Kingston Polytechnic
BEng/MEng Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Systems
1990 South Bank Polytechnic
MSc/PgD Engineering Product Design
1992 Newcastle Polytechnic
HND Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
1995 Humberside University
MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering
2000 Sunderland University
Five year review of BEng/BSc courses
2000 Newcastle Northumbria University
MSc Mechanical, Product Engineering and Materials
2000 Glasgow Caledonian University
Franchised course review at Oman
HEFCE Specialist Assessor in Mechanical Engineering
May 1993 University of Portsmouth
October 1993  University of Brunel
November 1993 University of Bristol
December 1993 University of Cranfield
January 1994   University of Wales, Cardiff
February 1994 Queens University, Belfast
March 1996   Reappointed as Specialist Assessor
December 1996 Leeds Metropolitan University
April 1997  Coventry University
May 1997 Nottingham University
October 1997 Loughborough College
February 1998   Queen Mary & Westfield, London
March 1998 RMC, Shrivenham
British Council Consultancies
1989  Benha HIT, Cairo, Egypt
1990, 1993 University of Malawi
1992 University of Makere, Kampala, Uganda
1995 SOCRATES Working Party
2000- Treasurer, PHOMME(Professors and Heads of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering), an EPC sectoral group.
Conference Organisation
1989 Session Chairman - Instrumentation and Measurement, 5th National Conference on Production Research, Huddersfield Polytechnic, Sept 1989
1990 Conference Committee, IProdE Summer School ‘The Integration of Design and Manufacture’, University of Nottingham, July 1990
1991 Conference Committee, IMfgE Summer School and Session Chairman ‘Total Quality Management’, July 1991
Grant Applications reviewed
1992 Power fluidic pump system development
1993 Reconfigurable software for fault diagrams of hydraulic systems
1993 Parallel Computing for real-time simulation and condition monitoring of complex fluid power systems
1993 Feasibility study for a hybrid electro-hydraulic servo-system
1994 Dynamic analysis of flexible multibody mechanical systems

Research Degree Supervision

A section of typical supervisions is given below:

(MSc by research) 
Toufik Hafidi A dynamical analysis and digital computer model of a hydraulically controlled three degree of freedom manipulator
(W Weston* & J Rees Jones)
M R Banighbal Experimental and theoretical analysis of the flow characteristics of servo valve orifices under steady and unsteady flow
(W Weston* & DPountney)
Fei-Seong Chong Vibration analysis of Hybrid Bearings
(WB Rowe*& W Weston)
D Ives Performance of Heavily Loaded Journal bearings for use in power plant
(WB Rowe* & W Weston)
C S Holmes A study of screw compressor rotor geometry leading to a method of inter lobe clearance measurement
(R Munro*& W Weston)
M Mavromihales Development and implementation of parametric programming for the CAD of electric motor shafts
(W Weston*)
Guan-Kun Zhang Journal bearing excitation: A comparison of impact excitation with Sinusoidal vibration
(W Weston* & WB Rowe)
G Palmer An Integrated Approach to Manufacturing Planning
(W Weston* & D Hall)
L Thomas The Development of a Computerised Tool Mgt System
(W Weston*)
N Yilderim Theoretical and Experimental Research in High Ratio Spur Gearing
(R Munro* & W Weston)
P F Kelly A Model for the use of Cost Information in AMT Environments
(W Weston*)
J Reay Experimental and Numerical Analysis of an Electro-Hydraulic Vibrator
BWK Tsang Development of a Materials and Processes Optimisation System for Plastic Product Design
H Heumann The Adaptive Control of a Novel Vehicle Suspension System
(B Hall* & W Weston)

(Starred name indicates principal supervisor)

Current opportunities

  • Please contact this member of staff to discuss possible opportunities.

Enterprise Activities

A dynamic load analysis in power presses (with J Rees Jones) January 1976
Vibration investigation in a horizontal borer October 1976
Environmental test, to Lloyds specification, on a tank level indicating system (with J Muskett)  January 1977
An investigation into boring bar chatter on a transfer machine tool March 1978
A stress analysis of experimental investigation to establish the integrity of jig fixtures on a transfer machine March 1978
Environmental tests, to Lloyds 1978 specification, on a marine extinguishing system (with J Muskett) September 1978
Flame tube chatter investigation on a Rolls Royce diesel engine September 1978
Seismic vibration investigation on a proposed building site  September 1978
Theoretical valve flow analysis for dump valves January 1979
An experimental investigation into boring bar natural frequencies  March 1979
Vibration analysis on a process plant May 1979
Vibration investigation into a tension wire beam July 1980
Vibration levels in an office block July 1980
Environmental tests on a telegraph system August 1980
Dangerous vibration levels in building January 1981
Investigation into hydraulic failures in an oil extrusion press February 1981
Brake caliper housing chatter investigation on a transfer machine tool      May 1981
Noise investigation on a pastry conflector August 1981
DEF STAN 2 printed circuit board investigation May 1983
Vibration tests on a telephone coin box mechanism  April 1984
Vibration and stress analysis of a sludge aeration system April 1984
Stall pressure measurements on a balanced plate valve April 1985
Experimental and analytical measurements on the balanced plate valve      June 1985

Teaching and Professional Activities

Treasurer, Professors and Heads of Mechanical & manufacturing Engineering, an EPC sectoral group.