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I am currently a lecturer in the Music Technology subject area. I teach programming for audio applications (mainly in C/C++), digital signal processing, audio electronics and studio recording techniques. I also supervise students in the area of psychoacoustics.

Before joining the University, I worked in the BBC's Future Media department as part of the team who developed and launched 'Connected Red Button', the pioneering next generation interactive television service, as well as contributing to the iPlayer codebase. Here I gained skills in Agile software development, and coded in multiple languages including JAVA, AS2, Javascript and Ruby.

I originally came to Huddersfield as an undergraduate, obtaining a first class degree in Music Technology and Audio Systems. Following a year studying for a Certificate in Biblical Studies in Cardiff, I returned to the north of England and obtained a PhD from the University of Salford's acclaimed acoustics research centre in 2012. My research focussed on improving the quality of low frequency audio reproduction in critical listening spaces. During this research program I gained a specific interest in perceptual audio evaluation.

Research and Scholarship

My research focusses mainly on the perception of audio quality with the aim of better understand the assessment of a listening space or recoding.

I am interested in perceptual models linking descriptive words, emotions, preference and quality perception. I have studied this specifically in relation to low frequency audio in small listening rooms, using the descriptive analysis method to elicit the perceptual terms Articulation, Resonance, Strength and Depth. I am currently working on new methods of elicitation and expanding the work into other areas of audio perception.

I am also currently exploring the use audio applications for mobile devices to assist the partially sighted.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Book Section

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Conference Item

Robotham, T., Stephenson, M. and Lee, H. (2016) ‘The Effect of a Vertical Reflection on the Relationship between Preference and Perceived Change in Timbre and Spatial Attributes’. In: Audio Engineering Society 140th International Convention, 4th - 7th June 2016, Paris, France

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Stephenson, M (2012) Assessing the quality of low frequency audio reproduction in critical listening spaces Doctoral thesis, University of Salford.

Research Degree Supervision

General areas:

  • The role of personal preference in assessing the quality of a listening environment
  • New methods of elicitation and preference mapping in perceptual audio evaluation
  • The use of audio applications on mobile devices for assistive technology

Current opportunities

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