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Qualifications: EdD, MA, FHEA, TCLD, PGDip TESOL, BA (Hons)

Susan came to the University of Huddersfield in September 2013 as senior Lecturer in TESOL.

Susan began her career in TESOL teaching in Naples. She then worked as a Research Assistant to an Italian University Professor. Her interest in the academic side of TESOL developed and she obtained an MA in TESOL from Sheffield Hallam University. Whilst studying for her Masters Susan joined the British Council. She initallly worked as a teacher and then went on to become a teacher trainer as a DELTA course tutor. Susan also worked as an IELTS examiner. Whilst working for the British Council at the Milan teaching centre Susan studied for her Doctorate in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from the University of Bristol. Her research focused on the CEFR and this remains one of her key research areas.

In 2005 Susan returned to the UK and became ELT Testing Manager for the British Council. She managed the development of a new placement test for the network of British Council. Following the successful completion of this project Susan moved into managerial roles which focused on developing and promoting research. She also undertook research projects. The most notable of which is the Core Inventory of General English, written with Brian North and Angeles Ortega. This book describes an approach to translating the CEFR into classroom activity. Susan edited numerous academic papers for publication by the British Council and the first volume of the Research papers series.

Research and Scholarship

Susan's primary research interests are in the field of testing, evaluation and assessment. She has a particular interest in the Common European Framework of Reference. She is also interested in the learner autonomy and teacher development.

Susan has undertaken and overseen a large number of research projects for the British Council. These include internal projects such as the scoping and development of a new placement test for the British Council network of teaching centres. An example of an external research project is the Core Inventory of General English. Working with Dr Brian North Susan developed the Inventory which translates Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels into classroom activity. Susan supervised numerous research projects and published the research reports.

In addition to publishing individual research papers Susan has co-written or edited the following books:

  • 2013 British Council ELT Research Papers Volume 1 (ed Susan Sheehan) British Council
  • 2011 Teacher Development and Education in Context (ed Susan Sheehan) British Council
  • 2010 British Council - EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English Brian North, Angela Ortega and Susan Sheehan, British Council
  • 2008 Global Citizenship in the English Language Classroom (eds Telma Gimenez and Susan Sheehan) British Council

Susan has obtained funding for three of her research projects.  An Apits Research Grant was awarded for a project entitled ‘Identifying key criteria of written and spoken English at C1’. An ELTRA grant was awarded for a project entitled ‘Assessment literacy – what do teachers want to know?’.  A second ELTRA grant was awarded for a project entitled ‘Classroom assessment: the development of teachers’ cognitions’.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Susan is the local organiser of Language Testing Forum 2017.

She is a committee member of BAAL TEASIG.

Research Degree Supervision

Teaching and Professional Activities

Susan is Course Leader for BA TESOL and Education.  She is also Course Leader for the BA TESOL (top up) and BA TESOL and Younger Learners (top up).  She is module leader for TESOL and Young Learners on the MA TESOL course.