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a.dennett@hud.ac.uk | 01484 471497


Position: Senior Lecturer, Department of Logistics, Operations, Hospitality and Marketing
Qualifications: BA(hons) PhD PgCHE FHEA


Adam joined the department in 2013, having previously studied his undergraduate and PhD at the University of Huddersfield. Adam currently teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students on the courses of Tourism, Hospitality, and Events management. Adam’s academic background specialises in organisational behaviour and the international work, management and operations of tourism and hospitality. Prior to Adam’s undertaking of full-time research he has worked for several events, tourism, and hospitality organisations in a supervisory and management role, namely for Mitchells and Butler, Whitbread, and Walt Disney World.

Research and Scholarship

Current research interests include the role and construction of culture, society and identity in tourism and hospitality work from an international angle. A further interest is a focus in the changing consumption of tourism products and services, with an emphasis on developing economies

Adam’s main research interests include:

  • Occupational and organisational identity / behaviour
  • Strategic development of tourism in developing economies
  • Occupational communities
  • Hospitality and tourism work
  • Qualitative Analysis

A further interest includes the use of technology and implementation of social media

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Dennett, A (2017) ‘“Ship-space” – Managing Talent on Cruise Ships: A Hospitality Perspective’. In: Global Conference on Services Management, 3-7 October 2017, Volterra, Italy


Dennett, A. and Song, H. (2016) ‘Why tourists thirst for authenticity – and how they can find itThe Conversation . ISSN 2044-5032

Dennett, A (2016) ‘How Shanghai Disney is bringing its magic to the middle kingdomThe Conversation . ISSN 2044-5032


Dennett, A., Cameron, D., Bamford, C. and Jenkins, A. (2014) ‘An investigation into hospitality cruise ship work through the exploration of metaphorsEmployee Relations , 36 (5), pp. 480-495. ISSN 0142-5455


Dennett, A., Cameron, D., Bamford, C. and Jenkins, A. (2013) ‘A Metaphorical Exploration of Work, Life and Community On-Board Cruise Ships: A Hospitality Perspective’. In: 3rd International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Management, 27th - 29th June 2013, Athens, Greece

Dennett, A (2013) An Investigation of Work, Life and Community On-board Cruise Ships: A Hospitality Perspective Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.


Dennett, A., Cameron, D., Jenkins, A. and Bamford, C. (2010) ‘The social identity of waiters onboard UK cruise ships: ‘Quasiprofessionals’ forming occupational communities’. In: 19th CHME Annual Hospitality Research Conference, 5-7 May 2010, University of Surrey


Journal Reviewer

  • International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
  • Hospitality & Society Journal

Research Degree Supervision

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Year 1 Tutor and Attendance for the BA (hons) Travel and Tourism Management.
  • Department SAVP representative.
  • Deputy DALO SBC Shanghai.