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Position: Senior Lecturer in Strategy, Department of Management
Qualifications: BA, MSc, PhD, FHEA, Qualified Assessor for Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)


Radi Haloub joined the University of Huddersfield in September 2013 as a lecturer in Strategy. Despite Radi's early ambition to be a pharmacist, this did not discourage him from completing his postgraduate studies in Strategic Management, or stop him from undertaking various marketing and sales positions in practice. Radi has had over than nine years of practical experience in sales, marketing and strategic planning at an international pharmaceutical company that operates in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) countries, in addition to his last post as a Key Account Manager at Procter and Gamble distributor (IATCO) in Saudi Arabia, where he was responsible for the sales, marketing, finance and operations for one of the biggest chains of pharmacies in the country with more than 600 outlets across Saudi Arabia and an annual turnover of more than £30 million. Following the completion of his MSc degree, Radi was granted a full tuition PhD scholarship from the University of Huddersfield, and was awarded his PhD in Feb 2013. His PhD research is related to strategic futurology and judgemental influences of managers on the forecasting process. Using the Grounded Theory method in data collection and analysis, the research successfully evaluated the psychological forces that affect the users of forecasts and their judgments on the produced forecasts. Moreover, Radi’s research provided new assessment criteria for forecasting management called “Haloub’s Assessment of Forecasting - HAF index” which provides sixteen ranks for assessing forecasting management within companies.


Research and Scholarship

Radi’s research interests are in the area of strategic management, forecasting management, strategic futurology, assessing the forecasting judgments and strategic marketing. Radi’s next research project will be rating forecasting management performance based on quantitative measures.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Radi’s previous practical experience in the marketing and strategic management allowed him to be in touch with market changes in the medical field. In the last few years, Radi has also been contacted by different companies in the UK who have sought his advice about penetrating the MENA markets. In the UK, and due to the nature of Radi’s PhD research, he developed relationships with some UK and European pharmaceutical companies.

Research Degree Supervision

Radi’s research interests are:

  • Forecasting Assessment
  • Strategic Management: which includes – Strategic Brand Management
  • Pharmaceutical Promotional Strategies
  • Industrial Servitization

Doctoral examination:

  • Radi has examined 2 doctoral degrees (PhDs).

Completed supervisions:

Radi has supervised to a successful completion of one research degree. Radi’s recent completion is:

  • Tamer Koburtay (2017) “The Congruity in Female-Leader Role Stereotypes in the Jordanian Hotel Sector”

Current supervisions:

Radi acts as Main (or Second) Supervisor in line with his personal research interests. Examples of current PhD supervisions:

  • Jo Thomas “An evaluation of international students’ learning transfer from International Learning Development sessions to course assignments: A case study on the University of Huddersfield Business School”
  • Ijeoma Onwumere “The influence of service quality on student perception: study of a UK University Business school
  • Carol Cloughton “Product- Consumer Leadership in the Diffusion of Innovation”
  • Shajara Ul-Durar “Geographical and Cultural Impact on Ethical Practices in Social Enterprises”

Radi is currently particularly interested in supervising projects which examine: Forecasting Assessment, Business Ethics and Culture, Education Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Brand Management.

Postgraduate research opportunities with Dr Radi Haloub



Administrative Responsibilities

Teaching and Professional Activities

Radi is teaching Strategic Management courses (BSc and MSc levels) and Contemporary Issues in Business (CIB) in addition to his responsibility for supervising a number of dissertation students at Bachelor and Master Levels.

Professional Membership and Activities

  • Member, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
  • Chartered Marketer
  • Member, Jordanian Pharmacist Association