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Jane began working at Huddersfield on a British Academy funded research project in 2012 and has since taken an active role in our research environment and teaching provision. Her research specialisms are in Contrastive Linguistics, Cognitive Stylistics and Translation Studies. With this background, she now contributes to the newly formed Linguistics and Modern Languages subject area as Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics. She is Assistant Editor of the popular language magazine Babel and Publicity Officer for the Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA).

Her first published article was awarded the 2014 PALA prize for best article published in Sage’s Language and Literature journal by a newcomer to the field.

Research and Scholarship

Principally a Stylistician with cognitive leanings, Jane enjoys widening the boundaries of this discipline by examining Spanish and English language discourse and applying the tools of Stylistics to real world problems. To this end, she has adapted Text-world Theory for the analysis of Spanish and compared Spanish and English spoken narrative styles. Her research with Prof Dan McIntyre on the language of The Wire’s subtitles employed stylistic models of characterisation, and she has since supplemented this qualitative analysis with quantitative research using statistical software. She continues to work using stylistic models of characterisation, mind style and Text-world Theory on a variety of texts and languages.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Wang, J., Ho, Y., Xu, Z., McIntyre, D. and Lugea, J. (2016) ‘A Visualization Method for Understanding Forensic Statements’. In: IEEE Information Visualization (InfoVis), 23rd-28th October 2016, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Wang, J., Ho, Y., Xu, Z., McIntyre, D. and Lugea, J. (2016) ‘The Visualisation of Cognitive Structures in Forensic Statements’. In: 20th International Conference Information Visualisation, 19th - 22nd July 2016, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Lugea, J (2016) ‘Spanglish dialogue in You and Me: an absurd world and senile mind style’. In: World Building: Discourse in the Mind. London & New York: Bloomsbury. . ISBN 9781472586551

Lugea, J (2016) World-building in Spanish and English Spoken Narratives . Advances in Stylistics. London: Bloomsbury. ISBN 9781474282482

Lugea, J (2016) ‘A text-world account of temporal world-building strategies in Spanish and English spoken narratives’. In: Exploring Discourse Strategies in Social and Cognitive Interaction: Multimodal and Cross-linguistic Perspectives. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. . ISBN 9789027256676


McIntyre, D. and Lugea, J. (2015) ‘The effects of deaf and hard-of-hearing subtitles on the characterisation process: a cognitive stylistic study of The WirePerspectives: Studies in Translatology , 23 (1), pp. 62-88. ISSN 0907-676X


Lugea, J (2013) ‘Embedded dialogue and dreams: the worlds and accessibility relations of InceptionLanguage and Literature , 22 (2), pp. 133-153. ISSN 0963-9470


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Assistant Editor of Babel: the language magazine www.babelzine.com

Publicity Officer for the Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) www.pala.ac.uk

Member of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland (AHGBI)

Member of the British Association of Applied Linguistics

Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI)