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Monty Adkins is a composer, performer, and Professor of Experimental Electronic Music at the University of Huddersfield. He has created installations, concert and audio-visual works, and a number of collaborations with contemporary performers, video artists and photographers. His work since 2008 has been released by Audiobulb (UK) and Cronica (P).

His works have been commissioned by Ina-GRM, IRCAM, BBC Radio 3, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (HCMF), SpACE-Net, ZKM (Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe) and Sonic Arts Network (SAN), among others. For his oeuvre he has been awarded over 15 international prizes including the Stockholm Electronic Arts Award (Sweden), Grand Prize at Musica Nova (Prague, Czech Republic), and five prizes at the Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition (France).

Having read music at Pembroke College (Cambridge, England, UK) where he studied French mediaeval and Italian Renaissance music, Adkins then studied electronic music with Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham where he performed across Europe with the Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST), and Simon Waters at the University of East Anglia (Norwich, England, UK). He is currently Professor of Experimental Electronic Music at the University of Huddersfield (England, UK).

Adkins is also active as a writer and concert curator. He completed his first book in 2011 on the relationship between art and music (Shibusa – Extracting Beauty) a second on the music of Roberto Gerhard (Ashgate, 2013). Adkins also is Co-Artistic Director of the Electric Spring Festival. Held in Huddersfield, annually, this festival focuses on live electronic music and experimental performance.

Research and Scholarship

  • Experimental Electronic Music Composition
  • Acousmatic Music
  • Aesthetics of Digital Music
  • Sonic Art and Installation
  • Sound Spatialisation

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Adkins, M (2017) Glass Feathers [Composition]

Adkins, M (2017) Shadows and Reflections [Composition]

Adkins, M (2017) A year at usher's hill [Composition]

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Adkins, M (2016) With Small Hands Waving [Composition]

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Adkins, M (2016) grey orange red (monty adkins - auva remix) [Audio]

Adkins, M. and Hron, T. (2016) Lepidoptera [Composition]

Adkins, M (2016) ‘Using Experience Design in Curricula to Enhance Creativity and Collaborative Practice in Electronic Music’. In: Music, Technology and Education: Critical Perspectives. : Routledge. . ISBN 9781472426208


Pettican, A., Lewis, C., Mojsiewicz, K. and Adkins, M.(2015) Freud's House The Double Mirror [Show/Exhibition]

Adkins, M. and Harvey, S. (2015) Three studies for an altered form [Composition]

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Adkins, M (2015) Freud’s House: The Double [Composition]

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Sundin, P. and Adkins, M. (2015) Rondures for saxophone quartet and electronics [Performance] In: Studio 53 featuring Paulina Sundin & Monty Adkins and the Mexican group naff, 25th April 2015, Stockholm, Sweden

Adkins, M (2015) Unfurling Streams [Audio]

Adkins, M (2015) ‘Introduction to Issue 4Divergence Press , 4 (1). ISSN 20523467

Adkins, M (2015) ‘Editorial: Beyond PythagorasDivergence Press (4). ISSN 20523467

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Adkins, M (2015) Borderlands [Audio]


d'Escrivan, J. and Adkins, M. (2014) Geometries of Flight [audiovisual] [Video]

Adkins, M (2014) Tunturi: from Imperfect Forms - The Music of Kenneth Kirschner Remixed [Audio]

Adkins, M (2014) ‘A Manifesto of NodalismJournal of Science and Technology of the Arts , 6 (1), p. 51. ISSN 1646-9798

Adkins, M (2014) ‘Roberto Gerhard: Electronic Explorations from his Studio + the BBC Radiophonic Workshop 1958-1967’. In: CD digipack + 28 pages booklet. Brussels, Belgium: Sub Rosa. .

Adkins, M (2014) Between Lines [Audio]

Middleton, D. and Adkins, M. (2014) Borderlands [Artefact]

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Gibson, I., Middleton, D. and Adkins, M.(2014) Borderlands CosMixed [Show/Exhibition]

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Adkins, M (2014) Rift Patterns [Audio]

Sundin, P., Adkins, M. and Axelsson, J. (2014) Splintered Echoes [Composition]

Adkins, M (2014) With Hells Note [Audio]

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Adkins, M (2014) Residual Forms [Audio]

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Adkins, M (2012) Still Time [Audio]

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Adkins, M (2012) Clapoutique [Audio]

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Adkins, M (2011) fragile.flicker.fragment [Audio]


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Adkins, M (2010) For Jana [Audio]

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Adkins, M (2007) ‘Schaeffer est mort! Long live Schaeffer!’. In: EMS07 - Electroacoustic Music Studies, 12-15 June 2007, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK


Adkins, M (2006) Mondes inconnus [Audio]

Clarke, M., Watkins, A., Adkins, M. and Bokowiec, M.(2006) Sybil software. Huddersfield: University of Huddersfield .


Adkins, M (2005) Cortex [Composition]

Adkins, M (2005) Silk to steel [Composition]


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Adkins, M (2002) Still Time [Composition]

Adkins, M (2002) Aerial [Composition]

Adkins, M (2002) Symbiont [Composition]


Adkins, M (2000) Noumena [Composition]


Adkins, M (1999) ‘Acoustic Chains in Acousmatic Music’. In: Imaginary Space: Proceedings of the 1999 Australasian Computer Music Conference. Wellington, New Zealand: University of Wellington. .

Adkins, M (1999) Breaking [Composition]


Adkins, M (1997) Neurotransmission [Composition]


Editorial Board of Journal of Music, Technology and Education

Organiser of the 1st International Roberto Gerhard Conference, Huddersfield, 2010

Leverhulme Artist in Residency award £12,329, 2010

External Examiner PhD, City University, 2011

Paper Chair for the International Computer Music Conference, Huddersfield, 2011

AHRC Award for ‘The Electronic Music of Roberto Gerhard’ £146,202

Organiser of the 2nd International Roberto Gerhard Conference, Barcelona, 2012

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2012

Board of Directors for Sound and Music, 2013

Research Degree Supervision


Isaac Baggaley

Indexicality through lens and microphone: an application of photographic theory to the sonic arts

David Velez

The savoury sounds of cooking in the Pacific coast of Colombia: the relationship between the sound aesthetics of cooking and contemporary music performance

Antria Theodorou 

Electroacoustic Composition and the Study of Electroacoustic Composition and History in Greece.

Sebastien Lavoie

The integration of electroacoustic and electronic dance music

Braxton Sherouse

Aligning the Residual Aesthetic: Exploring Contemporary Music Through Collateral Domain-Specific Software

Carl Rosman

Assessment of recent developments in the clarinets technical potential

Basar Under

Sounds from Endangered Spaces in Turkey


PhD Recent Completions

Mihalis Santamas

An Analysis of the Relationship between Music and Photography

Ylva Q. Arkvik

Harmonic Horizons: an investigation into the construction of my harmonic language through a creative portfolio of compositions.

Ryoko Akama

Exploring Emptiness, An Investigation of Ma and Mu in My Sonic Practice

Girilal Baars

Ballads and Ohms: Vocal folk traditions and electroacoustic composition

Gregorio Garcia Karman

Electroacoustic music in the exile: an artistic research of the international output of the Spanish avant-garde

Samantha Horseman

Critical theory of sonic arts

Sten-Olof Hellstrom

Composing and performing using real-time sound synthesis

Jamie Fawcus

Frozen Music - an investigation into the Neolithic and Bronze Age sound through electroacoustic composition

Mark Bokowiec

Interconnecting forms of expressivity as a compositional process; the evolution of an interactive practice with specific reference to eh Bodycoder System

Adam Jansch

Composition of Music with Open Forum within a digital framework

Paulina Sundin

Reinventing Harmony in Electroacoustic Composition

(Vice Chancellors Award for Outstanding Thesis)


Masters by Research

Andrea Brown

Exploring The Possibilities of Audiovisual Live Performance and Interactive Installation for Glass Harp

Kathryn Gray

Expanding technologies for Film, Sound and Music

Steven Halliday

KlangSteine: Exploring the Sound Stones of Professor Klaus and Hannes Fessmann


Masters by Research Recently completions

Eleanor Cully

Composing the surface

David Badger

The Development of New Compositional Tools using Max/MSP and the Application of these tools to aid the creation of site specific audiovisual installations

(awarded with Distinction)

Christopher Ruffoni

Indeterminism in electronic music

(awarded with Distinction)

Patrick Mohan

The composition of ambient glitch music and live performance with Max/MSP

Jonathan Rich

Exploring the Synthesis of Musique Concrète and Visual Media in Popular Culture

(awarded with Distinction)

Jaydev Mistry

The Mistry Hyper-Guitar

(awarded with Merit)

Enterprise Activities

Income from delegates relating to International Computer Music Conference 2011 and Roberto Gerhard Conferences 2010 and 2012

Administrative Responsibilities

Chair of the Research Ethics Committee for the School of Music, Humanities and Media

Member of the British Music Collection Steering Group

Board Member of the University of Huddersfield Press

Co-Director of the Centre for Research in New Music

Teaching and Professional Activities

Module Leader for:

  • AHM 3508: Computer Composition 3
  • AHM 3507: Individual Project

Lecturing on:

  • AFM 1205: Computer Composition 1
  • AFM 1211: Grooves Glitches and Crackles
  • I also give c.5/6 research lectures per academic year as part of the CeReNeM Series for MA/PhD students.