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Chris joined the University in 1993 after working on the JET Nuclear Fusion Project in Oxford and later in Manchester as a model maker and designer specialising in architectural modelling and exhibition design. He graduated from Sunderland Poly in 1985 in 3D and Visual Information Design and later took a Masters in Design Strategy and Innovation at Sheffield Hallam University.

His main role is the day to day management of the staff and facilities in the School of Art, Design and Architecture’s Design Development Centre which is available to any student wishing to pursue a 3D solution to a design problem or to construct a prototype. He is also responsible for the continuing development of the centre and monitors industrial trends to ensure that the equipment provided remains state of the art.

Research and Scholarship

Chris is a founder member of the Digital Design Research Group and published a paper in the peer reviewed Design Journal which examined the way in which the introduction of new technology impacts on the development of design students. His research interests lie within the area of Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing, particularly in the development of new design methodologies to take advantage of the geometric freedoms afforded by AM processes and in examining ways of improving existing technologes.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Charlesworth, C (2007) ‘Student use of virtual and physical modelling in 3D design development - an experiment in 3D design educationDesign journal , 10 (1), pp. 35-45. ISSN 1460-6925