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Senior Lecturer in Accountancy and Finance, Department of Accountancy, Finance and Economics
PATS Champion



John is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Accountancy and Finance Department of the Business School. He first joined the Accountancy Department in July 2000 when he was appointed as the 1st year undergraduate tutor.

John has been selected as one of the few winners of the University Extra Mile Awards – a student nominated Cross University Award.

Before joining the Accountancy department John held various management roles during a 20 year career in the Banking Sector covering all aspects of personal and corporate investment and finance.


  • Dip HE in Accountancy - University of Huddersfield
  • BA (Hons) Accountancy and Finance - 1st class - University of Huddersfield
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Professional Development - University of Huddersfield
  • MA in Professional Development (Higher Education)

Projects and committee memberships

  • Employability SIG
  • Business School TLC
  • TQEF project - formative assessment
  • TQEF project - PDP
  • HUBS working party - Induction and the first year experience
  • Founder member of the student retention forum

Research and Scholarship

  • Personal and Professional Development of students
  • Employability within the curriculum
  • Accountancy Education - the establishment of baselines
  • Plagiarism
  • Peer review processes to support and encourage criticality and engagement
  • Bank rating, Financial Markets, Credit Scoring and Risk assessment.
  • Currently undertaking a PhD investigating Bank Credit Ratings

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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University Extra Mile Awards – a student nominated Cross University Award

Keynote speaker for University of Greenwich (Jan 2014) “Graduate Employability in the Curriculum”

Teaching and Professional Activities

Current Module leader for:

  • An 'innovative teaching' subject called Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Accountants in Organisations which has embedded and engaged students in the key area of Personal and Professional Development.

Recent feedback from one of the Partners in Accountancy Guest Lecturers:-
“Your prizewinners were a class act and … are proof of the impact the AIO module is having on those who take part in the way they genuinely appreciate what is done for them. These are the sorts of things that will prepare your students well for graduation and entering the employment market. I genuinely think what you are doing with them from level 1 is fantastic in giving them the focus on what they want to achieve beyond graduation and developing themselves as individuals more broadly than the academic curriculum”

John has been a module leader/tutor for

  • Investment module at Masters level using the Stock Trak software platform
  • Masters module in Banking and Financial Systems.
  • Financial Accountancy
  • Management and Cost Accountancy
  • Corporate Finance
  • ACCA Audit and Internal Review.
  • Audit and Review

Currently Internal moderator for:

  •  Corporate Finance - a core final year undergraduate module
  •  Management Science Applications


  •  Corporate Financial Management a master’s degree subject
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Auditing - an ACCA exemption final year degree option subject

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the FHEA, Member of the EATAW