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Tracy is the Deputy Director of Research and Enterprise and joined the University in November 2013. Before that she had a long career at the Research Councils’ Daresbury Laboratory, near Warrington in Cheshire. Tracy graduated from the University of Manchester with a BSc Hons in Physics in 1982, followed by a PhD in photoelectron spectroscopy in 1986. Her first employment involved developing mass spectrometers at VG Quadrupoles in Middlewich, Cheshire. After 3 years she moved into the world of academic research at Daresbury Laboratory as a scientist at the UK’s synchrotron radiation light source (SRS). Her research involved the exploitation of photoelectron spectroscopy in the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum to increase the understanding of the electronic properties of the surfaces of a variety of materials including metals, semicondutcors and insulators. Her work included working in collaboration with visiting groups of scientists from around the UK, EU & other parts of the world. She extended her SR experience to include the use of the technique of surface x-ray diffraction. In the mid-1990s Tracy moved into senior management, as a group leader responsible for several beamlines, stations and their scientific and technical staff. She also took on the responsibility for the peer review system for the whole facility. By mid 2000s Tracy was a member of the Directorate responsible for sunsetting the SRS, which closed in 2008 having reached the end of its competitive life as a national facility. For the subsequent 5 years Tracy was the Head of Laboratory Operations, with direct involvement in the development of a Joint Venture innovation-led science and technology campus at Daresbury.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Tracy is a Chartered Physicist and Member of the Institute of Physics and also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Management.

Administrative Responsibilities

Tracy is the Deputy Director of the Research and Enterprise service within the university. She is responsible for the day to day operations and delivery of the portfolio of activities within the Research and Enterprise service. This includes pre and post award for research grants and contracts, business development, enterprise support, post graduate researcher administration and environment including PGR training and development, and management of the university research fund. She also works alongside Andrew Ball, pro V-C Research and Liz Towns-Andrews, Director Research & Enterprise, in the development and implementation of policy and strategy for research.