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Mio Jin is a menswear designer/pattern cutter based in London. She graduated with first class from BA (Hon) Menswear Technology at London college of Fashion. She then completed a Master in Menswear Technology with distinction at London college of Fashion awarding prestigious Harold Tillman (former BFC chairman) Scholarship. After graduated Master in 2011, she worked with various industry experiences at Burberry, Martine Rose and E.Tautz, and undertaken a project ‘ Romanae Fabulae’ with Internationally well-known artist Lucy Orta sponsored by world famous Italian Menswear company art foundation, Zegna Arts, she joined University of Huddersfield to fertilise progressive contemporary fashion design and pattern cutting. Since then she has been developing her own Menswear/Womenswear brand and now she is taking it to further coming year to showcase to the public and media.

She draws inspiration from fundamentally between men’s and women’s body form in different facets in pattern cutting and awareness of strong critical and problematic gender issues in fashion industry today. She is planning to pursue this research area with determination in the near future. She is currently teaching in research/design development and fitting process for final year collection. In addition to that currently she leads both modules sample development 2 and visual studies for 2nd year.

Research and Scholarship

  1. As practitioner, Incoming 2D collection will be composed in a Menswear format developing pleated textile samples with silhouette which reflects a genderless body form.
  2. My research derived from the distortion of 21st century lesbian style with startling conspicuousness and the narrative proposed to IFFTI2015.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Jin, M (2015) Su Paik Menswear 'Torn Avant Garde' [Image]

Jin, M (2015) Fabulae Romanae on show in Australia [Show/Exhibition]


Jin, M (2014) KALTBLUT magazine exclusive menswear editorial [Image]

Jin, M (2014) 'ALRIGHT LA'by Sarah Hellen [Artefact]

Jin, M (2014) EP-ANA-LEPSIS [Artefact]

Jin, M (2014) NUIT BLANCHE | SYMPHONY FOR ABSENT WILDLIFE 2014 [Show/Exhibition]

Jin, M (2014) Octomagazine feature by Photographer Camilo Echeverri, artefacts by Mio Jin [Artefact]

Jin, M (2014) Nihilistic studio [Artefact]


Jin, M (2012) Cheap Monday Capsule collection A/W 12/13 'Artificial Grunge' The Tone of Voice of Artificiality [Artefact]

Jin, M (2012) Fabulae Romanae: The observer [Artefact]


Jin, M (2011) Master degree collection [Artefact]


Jin, M (2010) 'Asymmetrically Symmetrical' [Artefact]


Jin, M (2009) Martine Rose AW 2009 'Pieces' [Artefact]


BFC Chairman, Harold Tillman Scholarship 2009-2011

Research Degree Supervision

  1. Research development in fashion design
  2. Pattern cutting in menswear/womenswear

Enterprise Activities

  1. TWONOVICE Studio –Menswear 2015
  2. Nihilistic Studio –Mio Jin 20111-2014
  3. Sarah Helen LFW AW15 –Menswear
  4. Lucy+Jorge orta ‘Fabulae Romanae’ project, ‘The observer’ exhibition at MAXXI National museum of XXI Century Arts. 2012
  5. V & A museum press show, finallisted Feb 2011
  6. MA Victoria house exhibition(international audiance) 2011
  7. Martine Rose installation and pattern cutting for LFW
  8. P & G Perfume research project 2010
  9. ASOS 100 –Finallist 2008

Teaching and Professional Activities

  1. Major project, research and fashion design with final year students alongside external industry projects
  2. Fitting final year collection
  3. Visual studies2 with 2nd year establishing and developing research methodologies and portfolio preparation –module leader
  4. Sample development2 –module leader and tailroing project