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I joined the University in 2003. I am a Senior Lecturer in Fashion Communications, teaching on BA(Hons) Fashion, Communication and Promotion and BA(Hons) Fashion Design with Marketing and Production. I was Course Leader for BA (Hons) Fashion, Communication & Promotion 2004 to 2012 and I established the course in 2004. I have broad interests in the creative context but in a sense they centre round the interface of design, business and communications. Having spent time delivering the BA(Hons) Fashion, Media and Promotion course Top up in Hong Kong and I have a real interest in the cross cultural communications.

In my early career I worked as a designer and marketer for over ten years designing for companies such as Marks and Spencer, Halifax, Motorola, Woolworths, Boots and Honda. I have designed promotions material for retail, events, promotions and exhibitions and organised managed national retail promotional campaigns. In 2003 I joined the University teaching fashion marketing and promotion along with creativity and consumer behaviour. 2005 – 2009 I managed Fashion, Media & Promotion course in partnership with a Hong Kong franchise including delivery of teaching at 3 points in the year in Hong Kong. 2007 – 2008 short term secondment as Subject Leader overseeing 3 design business courses.

Research and Scholarship

I am currently working on a research project in the Fashion area that aims to engage students and move them beyond the ‘attentional’ gate of surface learning to guide them to greater depth of investigation, research and analysis of fashion objects. The intention is to enhance the students employability by developing their own primary research lines of enquiry that move fluidly between the digital and physical dimensions. The result of the research has been the development of a web based learning resource for students called ‘My suitcase’ launched in September 2013.

Current research projects:-

  • Engaging the digital native: Developing a high fidelity product visualisation archive to support teaching & learning. - Teaching and Learning Funded Project
  • Engaging the digital native: testing product visualisation template, enhancement of primary research skills for improving employability

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Teaching and Professional Activities

Year Tutor & Placement tutor, teaching Fashion Consumer issues/Fashion Marketing/Fashion Branding/Creativity/Fashion Communication and styling.

  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Marketing theory
  • Intercultural Fashion Consumer
  • Fashion Industry 1
  • Fashion Industry 2 (industry awareness and Trend research)
  • Fashion Comuunication & Promotion Major Project
  • Fashion Communication Case study

Other Responsibilities
Co-ordinator for ‘My Suitcase’ web based learning resource
School Accreditation and Validation Procedure (SAVP) panel member
Graduate show – Course exhibition organising tutor